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    Show News New SpongeBob episodes airing next month.

    Looks like it's a normal episode that will be somewhat heavily-promoted
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    Pinned thread Unpopular Opinions you Have on SpongeBob

    Oh here's one: "Fear of a Krabby Patty" is one of the series' very best episodes.
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    Pinned thread Unpopular Opinions you Have on SpongeBob

    The show didn't decline until well after the first movie (after season 5). It has been inconsistent to some degree since. That's probably not that unpopular but it's just an observation that I had as I rewatch the whole show for the 20th anniversary. :)
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    Movies & TV Collection DVD & The Next 100 Episodes DVD!

    Couldn't resist preordering The Next 100 Episodes. I'm sure it'll arrive in the fat clear case like the reissue of The First 100 Episodes rather than the cool box set-in-plexiglass we got 10 years ago. Ah well. Hopefully we see these on blu-ray one of these days!
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    SBM’s Top 100 SpongeBob Episodes 2019 (VOTING CLOSED)

    In reverse order ("Atlantis SquarePantis" is #50, going up to "Dying for Pie" at #1) Atlantis SquarePantis I Had an Accident Spy Buddies SpongeHenge Food Con Castaways Blackened Sponge Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy The Krusty Sponge SpongeGuard on Duty Have You Seen This Snail? Chocolate...
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    People who have been in this fandom pre-2013, was post-movie really hated that much before mrenter a

    I don't know who mrenter or mobros are, but I promise they didn't contribute that much at all to opinions of seasons 4+. Some people have always had a distaste for them. Personally I think season 4 is classic-tier and thereve been some great shorts since.
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    Favorite song from the original movie soundtrack?

    The Shins and Wilco are two incredible bands. Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is an absolute masterpiece. That said, I think "They'll Soon Discover" edges it out! The original movie soundtrack was soo good! I'm disappointed that Sponge Out of Water didn't have a great soundtrack (or really much...
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    176b. Chum Fricassee

    I'd give this one maybe a 7/10. One of the funnier episodes this season.
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    If you could rewrite one episode...

    Without a doubt, "Perfect Chemistry". I remember pulling for that plotline before it came out, and what it ended up being was really disapointing imo.
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    New SpongeBob Episodes All Week Long (May 2nd)

    Are those other ones confirmed titles? Also, "Sold!" sounds just like a classic episode. Looking forward to catching these hopefully.
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    Original Spongebob Cels (Season 1)

    I've posted this before, but I have a keymaster (which means it includes the original painted background as well). It's from "Home Sweet Pineapple", where SpongeBob is putting the tiny pineapple on his head while Patrick looks on -- he's holding it high above his head. Cool stuff!
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    Best/Worst Special Extended-Length Episode Ever?

    "Christmas Who?" is the best, followed very closely by "Dunces and Dragons".
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    Pinned thread What are you listening to?

    "Do You Wanna Get High?" - Weezer
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    Do we know what episodes Hillenburg has started work on?

    Thanks! Where did you hear that?
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    Do we know what episodes Hillenburg has started work on?

    In other words, what episodes started production AFTER Hillenburg came back? I'm aware there is a LOT that goes into making a cartoon and the show's quality is not necessarily solely dependent on him. But I want to see if there is in fact a quality difference. I feel like the show has gotten...
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    SpongeBob season 9 DVD release date

    if you're impatient for the season DVDs, I'd just get the themed, single-disc sets. I personally am waiting for the First 100 Episodes blu-ray set, but I know it won't ever happen. Nickelodeon is stupid not to milk SBSP seasons 1-5 for the sixth time by issuing blu-ray. I'd buy them in a...
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    Season 7-9 forced dialogue and slow speech

    Yeah, the dialogue in the newer episodes seems over-explained and/or dumbed down and it really hurts the comedy. Sometimes subtlety is better and sometimes an initially subtle joke is ruined by addressing it. The only example I can think of is not the best, I think it's from "Chum Bucket...
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    Have You Bought The New Movie Today?

    Went to Best Buy right after work for the 3D blu-ray! Sadly the Target and Best Buy exclusives only came with the 2D version, so no bubble wand or beach ball for me! ;(