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  1. Squidy

    Unconfirmed Episodes

    So there are some episodes ( I don't know if they are real they are not comifmed.) So the episodes are Patrick The Horse Chatterbox Gary Don't Feed The Clowns Please contact anyone who works for SpongeBob to confirm if they are real or not.
  2. Squidy

    221a. No Pictures, Please

    Synopsis: Patrick leads an enthusiastic stranger on a tour of his favorite places in Bikini Bottom. Don't post anything until this episode is released.
  3. Squidy

    Intro: Squidy Is TRCIKED/Squidy

    Hello so this was gonna come out on September 6th, but I never got to it. Favorite Thing: Playing sports with my friends. Grade: Hobby: Playing games/reading books. Gender: Boy. Favorite show: The Loud House, Rocko's Modern Life, and SpongeBob. Favorite Color: Red. Favorite Food: Pizza/Chicken...
  4. Squidy

    Krabby Patty Creature Feature/ Teacher's Pest Promo

    So I found this video ( not from Nick. ) It has a promo to the new upcoming episodes. Here's the link to it,
  5. Squidy

    Worst spongebob episode of 2017 (As of September)

    Put here below the worst episode of 2017 (As of September)
  6. Squidy

    Which is the best SpongeBob song?

    So here are the choices for the best spongebob songs. F.U.N Ripped pants Pizza delivery Patrick's song Road song The campfire song song The fly song Just a greasy spoon(Mr krabs looses a bet to plankton) Striped sweater Goofy goober Christmas who Now that we're men Note: If I didn't put you're...