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  1. SirKazuma

    Pinned thread What was the video game you recently played?

    Been playing a lot of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix! It's a pretty decent game, and my first stab into the series. I'm impressed, I will be picking up 2.5 Remix when it comes out in December!
  2. SirKazuma

    SpongeBob (and Patrick!) nominated for Kids' Choice Awards

    I don't understand why they still have Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Hobbit on best book list, they all have ended years ago, shouldn't it be current books? And why Temple Run 1 and not 2? Because it's COOL.(sarcasm) I also hated the fact that you couldn't skip categories, I literally had to vote...
  3. SirKazuma

    Hey Arnold! The Movie

    What does this movie have to do with Frozen? Anyway, I do agree that the movie was pretty average, in terms with the rest of the series, it was not a good way to end it, but it wasn't intended to end this way. There was supposed to be another movie after this one, I believe, the "Jungle" movie...
  4. SirKazuma

    I Thought Paint Was Terrible...

    I usually use instead of just the vanilla paint that comes with windows. is useful for sprite art, which I like to do sometimes, I guess.
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    How's The Weather?

    Okay! Added you! :) And, 36 F, kind of foggy, I guess.
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    All-Time Best Video Games

    Anyone remember this game... this was my childhood, lol. Lego Island! Had some great music, surprisingly, even a rocking country song, Brick by Brick.
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    How's The Weather?

    Wintry Mix (Snow/Rain) about 34 F
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    Bravely Default

    Here's my analysis of the game thus far.. ( I'm 10 hours in ) First off, I'd like to stay I've been thoroughly enjoying the game thus far. There are just so many things the game has done right and it shows that JRPGs are in fact NOT a dying genre. Many may dislike the "SP" feature, but it is...
  9. SirKazuma

    Who would you team up with?

    I know this isn't on there but.
  10. SirKazuma

    What is your Flappy Bird high score?

    38 lol I have no life, don't judge me :P
  11. SirKazuma

    Five Tips To Staying Warm This Winter

    I couldn't help thinking of "Sonic Sez" from this post and your username, how odd. If you've never seen it, watch this video, lol.
  12. SirKazuma

    Why Dr. Robotnik changed his name/Sims=trolls

    Geez, Mario had a ton of posts, I wonder if they were all "Wahooo" or "Mama Mia" lol
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    Have you seen the ridiculous bacon bowl commercials on tv? Blech, I can't stand bacon anymore. That thing looks gross, but I saw this microwave oven bacon cooker. The bacon looked so gross after being cooked in it. I really just can't stand bacon anymore.
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    Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy the chat! :)
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    Cosmic's Winter Return!

    Cosmic I started watching Sailor Moon it's so ridiculous :P
  16. SirKazuma

    country vs country

    Portugal Japan vs South Korea
  17. SirKazuma

    Why was "Top Ten SBM members" locked?