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  1. SpongyDevotee

    Season 1 and 2 Comparison

    Hey everyone, I will be doing a SpongeBob Season 1 and 2 comparison topic. :) I will be comparing each episode from season 1 and season 2, and then I'll see which one I find better or worse, and the better episode pair gets a point towards the season. I got inspired to do this by GordokTheMad's...
  2. SpongyDevotee

    SpongyDevotee's Top 5 Favorite Episodes per Season

    So I finally decided to post my very first list. :) This will be my top 5 favorite SpongeBob episodes per season. I'll be covering all 9 seasons, which means that I will be reviewing 45 episodes. I'll just list the episode, and state the writers of the episode, as well as the episode's release...
  3. SpongyDevotee

    Season 5 best to worst game.

    INSPIRED BY christmasisawesome22 and his Season 3 best to worst game. Since everyone else is doing it, I decided to make a new best to worst game. This time on: Season 5!!! Here's how the game works: There is a safe zone, danger zone, and dead zone. All of the episodes start in the danger...
  4. SpongyDevotee

    My Character Description of SpongeBob SquarePants

    I decided to make a detailed description of SpongeBob SquarePants as a character in my own words of what I think of him based on episodes and ect. This goes for his physical apperance and personality traits. Also, this goes for pre-movie AND post-movie, as well as the movie itself. SpongeBob...
  5. SpongyDevotee

    Rate (Good, Meh, Bad) of all Episodes per Season

    For my first ever post, I will rate each episode using PieGuyRulz's scale, which is "Good, Meh, and Bad", except by calling the "ScumBob" episodes, "Bad", since "ScumBob" is basically copyrighted by him, lol. "Meh" isn't, so I'll use that. I might choose some to be in the AMAZING rating too...