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  1. The Red Lizard

    Pinned thread SBM Discord Chat - Post here to be verified!

    Going to try to do this again. Glurt#8930
  2. The Red Lizard

    I Wanna Say Hi

    ayyy i remember you
  3. The Red Lizard

    Farting SpongeBob 😂

    Oh no, they got him too...
  4. The Red Lizard

    SpongeBob airing on a non-Nickelodeon channel?

    A little bumper that aired when Spongebob was on MTV somewhere in 2008
  5. The Red Lizard

    Pinned thread What are you listening to?

    a-ha - Take on Me
  6. The Red Lizard

    SpongeBob 20 Years Fan Art

    This is so epic!
  7. The Red Lizard

    CN cancels The Amazing World of Gumball

    Honestly, it’s pretty sad to see that one of the most influential shows of my childhood has finally ended. I’ve watched Gumball ever since it first aired in 2011, and the show has since then made tons of memories and so-called happiness. This show is also what helped spawn many nostalgic memes...
  8. The Red Lizard

    10,000 Members

    That's amazing...
  9. The Red Lizard

    Barnacle Boy's voice actor Tim Conway died today

    I heard about the news yesterday just last period at school and I just couldn't believe it. Both of our favorite underwater heroes have now passed on. The good thing is, however, is that at least Barnacleboy is fighting crime up in heaven with Mermaidman. May Conway rest in peace. RIP
  10. The Red Lizard

    Why was the Arcade removed?

    Another reason that I'd like to point out on why the arcade was removed is that this was mostly because Flash is being killed off next year, and most of the games run that program.
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    Pinned thread Last Letter SpongeBob Game

    Employee of the Month