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  1. Lazlo

    Woah, didn't see this coming...

    This week, Nick's CGI film Rango, starring the voice of Johnny Depp, hits theaters. But according to TheWrap, it gained a smoking controversy. Here's the article: :frenchblank:
  2. Lazlo

    This movie looks silly

  3. Lazlo

    My Zoopy Account So far, it's not much of a profile. What I do have planned is series of videos called Midnight Mishap which will takle B-movies. Until that gets made, I got nothin'. :D
  4. Lazlo

    New episodes on Legends of Bikini Bottom DVD

    Just bumped by this link, looks like we're getting never before seen episodes: Another link:
  5. Lazlo

    SpongeBob's Mystery with a Twistery

    AKA The Great Patty Caper, this special will air in November: 1-minute clip: **Thanks to JJumper for the link**
  6. Lazlo

    Roy E. Disney has died Sad, but true. :shhh:
  7. Lazlo

    Gaming in the Clinton Years

    Did anyboady see this: It's a bunch of game reviews taken from a very forgotten 90's show Flights of Fantasy. That's why alot of the reviews are outdated. PS: Don't see the GT one! :P
  8. Lazlo

    Title card credits alterations

    I've noticed on a couple of episodes the credits for some of their title's have been changed on certain prints. Here's what I've noticed: Tea at the Treedome: On the Tales from the Deep DVD, Edgar Larrazabal is incorectly listed as animation director, when it should've been Tom Yasumi. Im with...
  9. Lazlo

    SpongeBob APM Stock Music

    Well, I found a list of production music that has been used on SpongeBob here. Vist MyAPM to listen to full versions of the music. :(
  10. Lazlo

    Eating SpongeBob foods

    Here's an interesting article about the SpongeBob food products that you may or may not have knowen about.
  11. Lazlo

    112b. Choir Boys

    112b Strange, I found myself liking this episode. BTW, SpongeBob sang so nice?! Didn't know that. Any other thoughts?
  12. Lazlo

    Pest of the West online in German German is lucky. >_<
  13. Lazlo

    Battle of the SpongeBob Season 1 episdoes

    Welcome to the Battle of the SpongeBob Season 1 episdoes. Vote for your WORST episode from the below list. It's very simple to vote. Just type the episode you think is the worst into the reply box and then post it. Every few days, the episode with the most votes will be eliminated. You only...
  14. Lazlo

    Cartoon Network may cancelle five of its shows

    I've read that Cartoon Network may cancelle five of its shows including: 1. Billy and Mandy 2. Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy 3. Foster's 4. My Gym Partner's A Monkey 5. Camp Lazlo :hunter: REASON: Remember that "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" advertising thingy, those shows cannot survive without advertisting!
  15. Lazlo

    Sponge in Space

    If anyone read the idea on the Make Your Own Episode topic and is wondering who is Commander Hek and Cadet Stimpy, I'm making this transcript for the episode. SPONGE IN SPACE INTRODUCTION: [This episode opens in a living room with a TV, We zoom in seeing Ren and Stimpy about to watch...
  16. Lazlo

    Hello, There!

    My name is Eli Lamoreaux, ( but you can me Lazlo here ). When I founded this forum, I thought that this forum might be fun to join. I like to watch T.V. and go on the computer. Some of my favorite shows are "SpongeBob", "Camp Lazlo", "Catscratch", "Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi" and "Pinky & the Brain"...