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  1. Donald Trump

    New episode - "Gary's New Toy" - October 14th, 7:30pm

    "SpongeBob must take drastic measures when Gary becomes obsessed with his new red ball." Source:
  2. Donald Trump

    New Episodes

    The US Copyright Office has revealed another pair of new episode titles: 176 - Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up Is Go! / Chum Fricassee I think the first one is the Man Ray and Plankton episode we heard about at the 2011 Comic Con.
  3. Donald Trump

    10th Season Confirmed!

    "SpongeBob SquarePants is listed for a whopping 241 episodes. The show was already renewed for a ninth season of 26 episodes, taking it to 204 total; therefore, season 10 will likely have 37 episodes. This just makes Nick’s longest running series even longer!" Source...
  4. Donald Trump

    Two New Episode Titles

    The US Copyright Office has revealed the names for episode 177... "177 - The Good Krabby Name / Move It or Lose It" Anyone care to speculate on their plots?