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  1. Save a Season 6 Episode: Round 2

    Ah, season 6. The season where things get interesting and/or bad. Y'all know the drill: save your favorite or least bad episode from the list. You can also veto an episode if someone saves an episode that you dislike, but two other people have to veto the episode before it gets put back on the...
  2. Confess-a-Bear

    Bleh, since the old confessions topic died a while back, I might as well give it a revival, yay. So... any secrets that you want to share, drop them here. Here's a few of mine: I tend to chew on the tips of pencils at times whenever I get really nervous. I wince at people that pour their...
  3. Do you have a real or an artificial Christmas tree? (2017 edition)

    I did a topic similar to this last year, and since we have new members, I thought that it would be a good time to revive this topic. Anyways, I have an artificial Christmas tree since it is easier to maintain than a real one. My family used to put up real Christmas trees until 2012, however.
  4. The Halloween Topic: 2017 Edition

    Surprised nobody has made a topic like this earlier in the month. Anyways, this is the place to talk about anything and everything Halloween-related. Who or what are you going as, do you still like to go trick-or-treating, favorite Halloween candies, etc. I am going as Belle from Beauty and...
  5. Cake's Farewell...For now

    No, I'm being serious here. Please don't assume that I am coming back soon because others do. Okay, the reason I am leaving is that I have a life to tend to. Between work, house life, and school, I have been busier than ever. It's not that I am losing interest here, but I need to put my real...
  6. Celebrating 2 Years on SBM

    Howdy, y'all! I cannot believe that I spent 2 full years on a SpongeBob fansite. Throughout the 2 years, my posts have been cringy and immature at first, but eventually became well-thought out and interesting (with exceptions, of course). I'd like to tell you how I have changed over the years...
  7. Combine your username with the member above you (Revived)

    Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak usernames stronger. Just do what that title says, for example: Poster 1 is Cream: CreamCake Poster 2 is The Appetizer: The Creamitizer Poster 3 is Cha: Chappetizer etc, etc. Let's see how many funny name combinations we can come up with! :p
  8. What foods/drinks do you love?

    The exact opposite of "What food(s) and drink(s) do you hate?". For me, I have a lot of foods that I love, but my favorite foods are pizza, burgers, chocolate desserts, chicken in any form, steak, most Mexican food (especially tacos and enchiladas, yum), and sushi. I love to drink Mexican...
  9. The Condiment Debate: Ketchup vs. Mustard vs. Mayo

    I prefer mayo because it gives sandwiches (or basically anything) that yummy-delicious-super-terrific flavor. Ketchup is also pretty good, but I don't really like mustard all that much, but I'll still eat foods with mustard if I have to. Now it's your turn.
  10. Moments in SpongeBob that you thought were hilarious as a kid?

    Like the title says. A few of the scenes that made me laugh hard as a kid were the live action bomb explosions (Dying for Pie and The Krusty Plate), the scene where the fish was getting chased by a giant apple (The Chaperone), and SpongeBob and Patrick ice skating as well as the scene with the...
  11. April Desktops

    Y'all should know the drill :p
  12. Do you wear glasses?

    I don't wear glasses, but everyone else in my family has them, which is a bit strange. I'm the one with great eyesight, but most other family members can't see anything without their glasses.
  13. How many warning points do you have?

    I have zero, but I was close to getting one because I remember spamming an unrelated photo in one topic. Guess I'm a good noodle for having no warning points then?
  14. Favorite season?

    And no, not seasons of SpongeBob. I'm talking about the 4 seasons: Winter, spring, summer, and fall. My favorite is winter because I LOVE the snow as well as the cold weather.
  15. Favorite animal?

    I would say that mine is the cat, especially black cats. They are really cute and it feels so good to stroke some of their silky fur. Whenever I feel sad, I can just listen to my cat purring as I pet her and it makes me feel better. Dogs, rabbits, and any wild cats are also some of the animals...
  16. Great Debate 2017- Cake or Pie?

    I choose cake (that's in my name, duh), since there are a whole lot of cake flavors that I ADORE (ice cream cake can't be beat here). While pies do have some good flavors (apple, chocolate cream, key lime, and any meringue pies), I just don't care for pie in general. oh, and P.S. if you choose...
  17. Do you own a cell phone?

    Like the title says. I have a cell phone, and I got my first phone when I was 11 years old.
  18. I Wish... (revived)

    Here's how the game works: First member (that's me) says their wish Next member says that their wish is granted, but (insert something bad here) here's an example Member 1: I wish that I had a cake! Member 2: Granted, but it tastes like pickles. I'll start: I wish that I can have a genie lamp.
  19. Weird things you did as a kid?

    I know that there are topics like these that already exist but I don't want to bump those ancient threads. Anyway, when I was little, I used to crawl really close to the fan and talk like a robot. Another thing I did as a kid was whenever a live-action explosion scene appeared in SpongeBob (The...
  20. Do you have a real or artificial Christmas tree?

    I have an artificial one, since it is easier to set it up and I don't have to worry about watering it everyday. Plus, I can reuse my artificial tree for a couple more years instead of dumping a real tree onto the curb. :sbthumbs: *meant to say DO you have a real or artificial Christmas Tree...