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  1. Lazlo

    A new Spongebob movie?

    I'm don't think the go-ahead or confirmation has been givin yet. Also, a Magic 8-Ball movie?
  2. Lazlo

    Movies This Weekend: March 11 - 13

    *yawn* :yawn:
  3. Lazlo

    Round and round the record spins all day ...

    That's a song that will never leave my head.
  4. Lazlo

    Spongebob cameos

    I believe that was from War of the Worlds (the Steven Spielberg one).
  5. Lazlo

    A new Spongebob movie?

    :patrick: : Since when has the LA of Times not been right?
  6. Lazlo

    New Spongebob CD.

    Even though I don't speak German, that song was fun. I may need to check out the CD. =]
  7. Lazlo

    Woah, didn't see this coming...

    This week, Nick's CGI film Rango, starring the voice of Johnny Depp, hits theaters. But according to TheWrap, it gained a smoking controversy. Here's the article: :frenchblank:
  8. Lazlo

    Rumored Episodes You've Been Told About

    DJ Patrick is the king of this topic. There were also rumors of The Truth of Gold and Obsession (which was really the original title for All That Glitters).
  9. Lazlo

    Movies This Weekend: February 11 - 13

    Never want to see that flick. It would irratate my eyes and ears.
  10. Lazlo

    Get SpongeBob Off Facebook NOW

    Oh baloney to that! :xP: I'm not a guy for Facebook, but why would I give a dime on booting someone off the network just because of the way he acts?
  11. Lazlo

    SpongeBob SquarePants “Legends Of Bikini Bottom”

    I got one question: I notice that one of the Legends of Bikini Bottom, The Curse of the Hex, was left out in the premiere. What happened to that segment?
  12. Lazlo

    This movie looks silly

  13. Lazlo

    Tom Kenny Talks Rabbit Role in New Winnie the Pooh Film

    Already heard about this, but I am looking foward to Tom's Rabbit voice. B)
  14. Lazlo

    Phineas and Ferb...the live action adaptation

    That's it, I'm moving to Moscow!
  15. Lazlo

    Patrick Star To Voice In Transformers: Dark of the Moon

    I'm still not going to see this movie.
  16. Lazlo

    Least Favorite Season

    I already read your topic before making my point. <_<
  17. Lazlo

    Least Favorite Season

    I will haft to put another vote for Season 4. Let me explain: The first few episodes of that season were admittly fairly good (Have You Seen This Snail was by far the best one), even though it did have some duds. However, once the storyboard crew was revamped, the rest of the season became a...
  18. Lazlo

    Do you think we give new episodes a fair chance?

    During the latter half of Season 4 and the beginning of Season 5, I didn't give the episodes a fair chance, but recently I have. There have been a spoonful of Season 7 episodes that I have admitly enjoyed. So yeah, we need to give the new ones a better reputation.
  19. Lazlo

    The Room In 3D

    :P Okay, the 3D craze is going to far.
  20. Lazlo

    Comedy Central's New Logo

    What was wrong with the old logo? O_o