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  1. kingseye423

    Bohemian Rhapsody movie The trailer was dropped today. The Queen movie stars Rami Malek ("Mr. Robot") as Freddie Mercury, leading the journey with the band called Queen to their famous Live Aid concert in 1985. Mercury's AIDS diagnosis and death will not be covered. Any...
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    Every Queen Album (and song) reviewed!

    Here's a special project I'm doing here. Queen is one of my favorite rock bands ever, and I'd like to do a review on every studio album they did (excluding compilation and live albums and including some B-side tracks). I will review their albums every two days (next review Saturday), so without...
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    2018 Golden Globe Awards: The Nominees

    Considering all of the sexual harassment allegations in Hollywood, this year's Golden Globes are going to be, well, quite awkward. The nominees are below. Best Drama Film: Call Me By Your Name, Dunkirk, The Post, The Shape of Water, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Best...
  4. kingseye423

    What decade would you like to go to?

    These decades have invented (and not invented) things we have today. During these decades, music, entertainment, technology, civil rights, and politics were booming. Which decade would you go to if you had a time machine?
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    2018 Grammys

    So, we are a month away from the 60th Grammy Awards, live at Madison Square Garden (1st time in almost fifteen years since it was held in the aforementioned venue). Leading the most nominations are Jay-Z for his album "4:44", with Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars, Childish Gambino, SZA, Khalid, and...
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    Favorite month?

    What's your favorite month in the year and why?
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    Live Aid (32 Years Ago)

    On July 13, 1985, a huge music event took place to help the starving people in Africa. These events took place everywhere around the world, most notably in London and Philadelphia. The breakouts were U2 and Madonna, and the show stealer was Queen. Other notable performances we're done by Elvis...
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    Movies to look out for in 2018

    Since we're getting closer and closer to the end of the year, I decided to put up some anticipated films of 2018. Were there any I missed you are waiting for? Notes: - Some of the casts and release dates aren't complete or completely confirmed. - For the cast, I only included mostly...
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    What's your top 10 PBS shows (90s-mid 2000s)

    Since I previously did a top 10 list of CN shows and Disney Channel shows, I decided to start a new topic on another channel- PBS shows. What's your personal list? 10. Cyberchase 9. Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman 8. Maya and Miguel 7. Between the Lions 6. Mister Rogers Neighborhood 5. Reading Rainbow...
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    Top 10 Classic Cartoon Network Shows (1996-2008)

    I am making a personal list of Cartoon Network shows from the golden era (90s-early 2000's), and on through the mid-2000s, which had some pretty decent shows too. I am planning to make a personal list on PBS Kids (early-mid 2000's) next week. But anyway, here's my list. 10. Camp Lazlo 9...
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    A (Possible New Episode) Coming Soon

    A TV listing had a new double-paired episode of SpongeBob to broadcast five days after Factory Fresh ('Goodbye Krusty Krab?') The episodes are supposed to be "House Worming"/"Mimic Madness". Stay tuned. The episode is slated to air February 25th. I don't know if Nick will mess it up like some...
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    Oscars 2017

    Oscar nominees were announced yesterday. There are some pretty good ones, especially people of color. Denzel Washington received a nomination for his movie "Fences". If he wins, it will be his first Oscar since "Training Day", more than ten years ago. (Don't know if that will happen, due to "La...
  13. kingseye423

    Celebs Who Never Hosted Saturday Night Live

    Any celebs you know never hosted Saturday Night Live, a iconic show at best? I'll post some shortly.
  14. kingseye423

    2017 films list- Are you ready?

    I am ready for some of these films to come out next year. Here is a list of films- Amityville-The Awakening Underworld- The Blood Wars The Bye-Bye Man Sleepless The Comedian (wide-screen release) Split XXX- Return of the Xander Cage A Dog's Purpose Resident Evil- The Final Chapter Collide Rings...
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    Screen Actors Guild Awards 2017 nominees

    Okay, these are similar nominees to the Golden Globes. Lily Tomlin received SAG Lifetime Achievement Award. Actor in a Leading Role Casey Affleck- Manchester by the Sea Andrew Garfield- Hacksaw Ridge Ryan Gosling- La La Land Viggo Mortensen- Captain Fantastic Denzel Washington- Fences Actress...
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    Golden Globes Nominees 2017

    Yesterday- Golden Globe nominees were announced. Here they are.. Drama Hacksaw Ridge Hell or High Water Lion Manchester by the Sea Moonlight Musical/Comedy 20th Century Women Deadpool Florence Foster Jenkins La La Land Sing Street Actor in Motion Picture-Drama Casey Affleck (Manchester by...
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    Top 10 Disney shows

    Do you have a top 10 list of favorite Disney shows? It can be animated or live-action, or you could even do two separate lists- if you feel like it. 1. DuckTales 2. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody 3. Kim Possible 4. That's So Raven 5. The Proud Family 6. Lilo and Stitch The Series 7. Goof Troop...