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  1. Squidy

    Pinned thread Season 12 Discussion

    Ratings for episodes: FarmerBob : Meh B The Nitwitting : Scumbob D+ The Ballad Of Filthy Muck : Scumbob C+ The Krusty Slammer: Good A+ Pineapple RV: TBA Plankton’s Old Chum: TBA King Plankton: TBA Stormy Weather: TBA Gary’s Got Legs: TBA Swamped!: TBA Sandy’s Nutty Nieces: TBA SpongeBob’s 20th...
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    What's The Best Pairing of Characters?

    Spongebob and Mr.Krabs or Spongebob and Plankton
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    229b. Moving Bubble Bass

    This episode was good and the "THINGS ARE GONNA GET CRAZY." Line was funny. I heard my favorite soundtrack (Grass Skirt Chase) in this episode which made it even better. This was better the Doodle Dimension by a bit but they are both good. I’m way off topic. Anyways this is a GOOD episode and 9/11
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    Squidward's legendary dab.

    Very unique type of art.
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    Pinned thread Season 3 Discussion

    (Not all reviewed yet) The Algae’s Always Greener- Golden SpongeGuard On Duty- Meh Club Spongebob- Golden My Pretty Seahorse- Good 2 Golden, 1 Good, and 1 Meh GOOD season.
  6. Squidy

    42b. My Pretty Seahorse

    Kinda boring at the start, but gets better the more you watch. 8/10 GOOD EPISODE
  7. Squidy

    42a. Club Spongebob

    Very good episode and the only complaint is the beginning with 2 minutes of filler. After that everything is great. Nothing is bad afterwards so it gets a 9/10 GOLDEN episode.
  8. Squidy

    229a. Doodle Dimension

    6/10. It’s because it took 3-4 minutes to even get doodle bob in. It’s surely not the worst episode but I just wanted something to happen and not have it be frankendoodle. I just wanted some humor in it and the funniest thing was when the army of doodle bobs came in. Overall it’s a low meh.
  9. Squidy

    226b. Don't Feed the Clowns

    I have no idea what to rate it. Some was Good, some was Meh, and some was Bad. Maybe a 4/10? I don’t know. Beginning was Meh Middle was Bad, and Ending was Good. So it gets a SCUMBOB for now until I decide what to call it as its real.
  10. Squidy

    226a. Chatterbox Gary

    I give it a 6/10 Pretty good episode besides for the middle and ending. I didn’t like the middle cause Squidward was kinda hurting Spongebob just because of a collar. I did not like the ending because Squidward got hurt pretty bad and I think he kinda deserved it by hurting Spongebob. The...
  11. Squidy

    225b. Pat the Horse

    This was an interesting episode. Also it did air with TISS which I don’t understand. Does Patrick have a nose? Last time I heard Patrick does not have a nose. Not much to say, it felt like a normal episode. 8.5/10. GOOD EPISODE.
  12. Squidy

    212a. The Incredible Shrinking Sponge

    This airs with Pat The Horse which doesn’t make any sense. This is probably better than most episodes this season (Mermaid Pants.) It mostly makes a great episode with it’s good start. Also the Urchin returns and it does not have a good color. It ends up getting a 9/10 GOOD episode.
  13. Squidy

    224a. Squid Noir

    Edit: Geez I can’t do anything. So this episode wasn’t funny but the colors were not fair. It felt like a short too. Not changing my mind so yes, it’s still a SCUMBOB episode. 3.5/10
  14. Squidy

    224b. ScavengerPants

    Golden means 11/10.
  15. Squidy

    224b. ScavengerPants

    Felt a bit better than most Squidward episodes. So it was kinda boring and that's the only other problem than Squidward's horrible clarinet playing. So one thing I want to say before giving the grade. They brought back the meme face from the SpongeBob SquarePants movie (1st.) It's the face from...
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    218b. There's a Sponge in My Soup

    Well, the beginning was boring. Just Mr.Krabs, SpongeBob, and Squidward trying to get the hippies out of the soup. It gets pretty good from there on. But bring back hippie costumes from a "bad" episode into a- not spoiling it is a good idea. So you can see that it's a GOOD episode. 8.5/10
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    221b. Stuck on the Roof

    Nice episode I missed. So the title card seems like it would be something in a special episode. The episode isn't that funny but entertaining. Very close to scumbob but the rain storm brings it to MEH episode. 4/10.
  18. Squidy

    221a. No Pictures, Please

    So uhh this was, well odd. This episode started off good but went downhill later. Also, sandy gets a cool cameo. The ending was odd and the you bring the color contest was unfair. The reason why it was unfair because not everyone got to do a title card. You had the buy yogurt or gummy patties to...
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    Good, Meh, or ScumBob

    Good Dunces and Dragons
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    Unconfirmed Episodes

    So there are some episodes ( I don't know if they are real they are not comifmed.) So the episodes are Patrick The Horse Chatterbox Gary Don't Feed The Clowns Please contact anyone who works for SpongeBob to confirm if they are real or not.