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  1. BrutalWreckage

    I'm bad at goodbyes, so here's my best attempt.

    Hello everyone, I officially am leaving SpongeBuddy Mania (And SBC, outside of just one thing I'll mention briefly). And no, it's not just for what happened in July. While that certainly was awful and made the site go downhill, I honestly just can't pay my attention to these sites anymore. I'm...
  2. BrutalWreckage

    Rate 5 Episodes (of your choosing)

    Despite what your first impression might be from the title, this game is completely different than the "Rank 5 Episodes" game I started. In this game, you simply choose 5 random episodes (ANY 5) and give them a score out of 10. I'll start. Chocolate With Nuts: 11/10 A Pal for Gary: 0/10 Born...
  3. BrutalWreckage

    Ask a Random Question, get a random answer

    I believe this game speaks for itself. Just ask any random qurstion in the world you have, and the next poster will give an answer to it. The questions can be as random as possible, and there's no limit at all to what you can ask. You can ask questions relating to SpongeBob if you want to (As I...
  4. BrutalWreckage

    Rank 7 Episodes

    Since the Rank 5 Episodes game is basically dead, I figured I'd start up a new, beefier version. This time, up to 7 episodes can be ranked. Same rules from the Rank 5 Episodes game apply, though this time I'll allow you to rank however you prefer (Either from Worst to Best or Best to Worst...
  5. BrutalWreckage

    Least Favorite Video Games.

    I think the worst video game is Sonic 06, or Sonic Next Gen if you prefer that title. It is a piss-poor excuse of a Sonic game with slow gameplay, tons of glitches, unimpressive graphics for "next gen" CONSTANT load screens, and horrible sections like the snowboarding section! Some other video...
  6. BrutalWreckage

    Any episode in which you've noticed a big shift in the general consensus?

    I don't think it's too surprising that over time opinions on what is considered the best and worst episodes change over time, but are there any episodes in which you've noticed a huge change in the public opinion of it? For me, I have at least two. The Camping Episode used to be considered by...
  7. BrutalWreckage

    What is the oddest opinion you've ever seen or heard on SpongeBob Episodes?

    (First topic I'm starting on both SBC and SBM). Before I state what this topic is about, I just want to preface this by saying that this thread is in no way meant to bash others' opinions. No matter how weird, bizarre or unusual one's opinions may be, I still say we should all do our best not...
  8. BrutalWreckage

    Rank 5 Episodes

    The objective of this game is simple: You pick 5 random episodes, and then the next member ranks them from best to worst, and then you pick your own 5 episodes for the next member to rank. I will start. Rank: Krabby Land The Algae's Always Greener The Battle of Bikini Bottom Born to Be Wild...
  9. BrutalWreckage

    Best Episode Elimination Game

    This is the opposite of the Worst Episode Elimation Game, simply pick your least favorite episode on the list. The same rules still apply here from that game. Just destroy your least favorite (or overrated) episode, and don't troll. That's all I have to say.
  10. BrutalWreckage

    Top and Bottom 5 for every season.

    Simply list your favorite and least favorite 5 episodes from each season. I will start. Season 1 Top 5: 5. F.U.N. 4. Opposite Day 3. Pizza Delivery 2. Jellyfishing 1. Naughty Nautical Neighbors Season 1 Bottom 5 (I don't actually dislike any episodes this season, but the 5 I like the least are...