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  1. American Idiot

    :-D Glad to see we're still talking about Green Day without my influence XD Of course I bought American Idiot, I had heard the entire album about 15 times before I bought it anyway XD The entire album is awesome, not a flaw on it. It's definitely album of the year. Wake Me Up When September...
  2. Jeopardy

    He is the winningest champ in non-tournament jeopardy
  3. Pinned thread Last Letter SpongeBob Game

    Grandpa SquarePants
  4. Best Green Day Song

    I compiled a list of all of my favorite Green Day songs, what's your favorite? Mine's Longview :P It took me a while, but I have them alphabetitized and listed by album XD
  5. Season Three Survivor

    Hmm... ill have to go with Squilliam Returns "May I take your hat sir?" - :P
  6. Season Two Survivor

    Big Pink Loser, it's my favorite episode overall :P
  7. Questions!

    3rd was right, just now noticed I had posted that x.x sorry Patrick - Dumbest Gary - Smartest
  8. Caption Contest

    don't call me a doofus :P Patrick: Ah, the sunset SpongeBob: Yeah. Say, that was a good pie I had awhile ago... Patrick:...what?
  9. Quake 3 Arena

    I downloaded it from IMesh
  10. Quake 3 Arena

    I play Q3:A online all of the time, if anyone else does, and has a decent connection, post here sometime so we can play :P
  11. Location Game

  12. Best speacal or holiday episode

    Valentine's Day; the whole scene with Patrick going crazy is just classic XD Besides, I hate Patchy with a passion x.x
  13. Location Game

  14. Location Game

    Omaha, Nebraska
  15. Rush 30th Anniversary

    *points to his name* *cough* I'll have to disagree XD I never really was a big Rush fan but congrats to them for still rockin' after 30 years! That's a milestone 99% of bands these days never reach
  16. Photoshop This!

    I could've put more on it but im done XD
  17. Bikini Bottom times

    The Bikini Bottom Times THE KRUSTY KRAB VANDALIZED Sources believe either Plankton or Squidward is to blame By GrEeNdAyFrEaK Bikini Bottom;Eugene H. Krabs, a local elder, found his restaraunt, the Krusty Krab, a mess when he came to work Thursday morning. "I came into the Krusty Krab and she...
  18. What Time is it?

    12:03 AM, too late x.x
  19. New Sig & Animated Avatar

    Ha, yeah Gandhi II is great too. It says in the commentary that "Raul" died while the movie was still filming by getting hit by a drunk driver :) They said there was gonna be a "poodle revenge" scene towards the end of the movie, but it couldn't happen without him :P
  20. Plankton Episodes

    I'll have to say Walking Small, Plankton at his funniest :P Here's the rankings: 1) Walking Small 2) Plankton! 3) Welcome to the Chum Bucket 4) Plankton's Army 5) The Algae's Always Greener 6) Imitation Krabs 7) F.U.N.