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  1. 2000sKid

    Where/how did you meet your best friend?

    I met mine in secind grade when I was walking to the sink in the bathroom and he came out of the stall. He said "Hi I'm Chris, what's your name?" And the rest is history
  2. 2000sKid

    Rhett and Link

    I'm a huge fan of Good Mythical Morning and their songs. I try to watch GMM and GMMore every weekday morning since it's there and without it waking up is dull. My favorite songs of theirs are 2 Guys, 600 Pillows, I'm a Textpert, Rap Battle Rhett vs Link, and Rub Some Bacon On It. Anyone else?
  3. 2000sKid

    2K's list of the best players on each MLB team

    With the 2014 baseball season about to begin, I will be counting down who I believe is the best player on each MLB team. Each team will have honorable mentions as well. I will go in alphabetical order, from the Arizona Diamondbacks all the way down to the Washington Nationals. I will try to...
  4. 2000sKid

    Did you have your own "introduction" thread?

    Did you start your own "introduction" thread when you joined? I know a lot more people didn't than I thought, so I'm just wondering how many of you did/do Edit: thanks for clarifying Smitty
  5. 2000sKid

    The Outsiders or West Side Story

    Which one do you prefer (movie or book)? I prefer West Side Story, and believe it or not, I like The Jets. I know they're denying Puerto Ricans rights, but I love how they're such goofballs in the movie? Your opinion?
  6. 2000sKid

    2K's lists

    Here, I'll just be counting down my top lists. First up: Top 5 Underrated Cartoons Just for the heck of it, here's number 5 NUMBER 5: The Simpsons Outside of it's fanbase, The Simpsons doesn't get much recognition. Why? The show has hit a decline and it's episodes aren't as well written as they...
  7. 2000sKid

    Freerice group?

    Some of you may have seen Ohad's post about I was thinking we could all start a group (Spongebuddy Mania as the name)? If we become a top group it would become an out-there to get some new members while helping end world hunger
  8. 2000sKid

    Smitty Werben Man Jensen fanclub

    Ok, so if you haven't noticed, Smitty reached 10,000 posts. So WOOHOO. So I made a fanclub for him. It also helped that he's #1
  9. 2000sKid

    Barold the Duck

    This will be the story of Barold the Duck. Yep. A duck named Barold. In a story. First chapter coming soon
  10. 2000sKid

    Old Spongebob Jokes

    Any jokes from old spongebob episodes (when they made mature jokes) you never realized until years later? "Patrick, you're genius is showing! :D" "WHERE D:"