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  1. January Desktops

    It's that time again. Oh, and Happy New Years.
  2. Who makes the Krabby Patties when SpongeBob is not there?

    You can see in some episodes that when SpongeBob arrives at work, you see people (fish) eating Krabby Patties already. My question is, who's responsible for making them when SpongeBob is not there?
  3. Michael Jackson has died.
  4. When do you get off for Winter Break?

    I just got off today, December 13. ^_~
  5. What American accent do you have?;quiz_id=9827 Post what accent you have and what state you're from. I got Western. It seems reasonable since I'm from Washington.
  6. Happy Birthday to Me!

    Well, it's my birthday (my real birthday). :P O_o
  7. Super Mario World Level can Auto-Play itself
  8. YouTube is trash.

    So I wake up and go on the computer and logon to YouTube. But, surprise, surprise! "Your account has been permanently disabled." I am confused as to why it was disabled. Did I upload whole seasons of television shows? No. It turns out, that at 3:20 in the morning, they sent an e-mail to my...
  9. 75 Year Old Woman Has World's Fastest Internet Connection
  10. Too many weird things going on here.

    ^_~ Mods, feel free to do whatever you want to do with this thread (that includes close it or delete it). I don't like this place. I don't want to leave. I feel that people here should be treated here nicely, or at least think they are being treated nicely. It is really hard to detect any...
  11. Negative One Reply!!!!????!

  12. 5 Second Rule Changed
  13. r u srs?

  14. I need some advice.;_y...26200509AAJAGjU And yes, this is serious.
  15. How old were you when you first joined SBM?

    I joined at a young age here. What age were you when you joined SBM?
  16. How many people have YOUR name?

    Find out here.
  17. Do you do your best in school?

    Do you? I do.
  18. Listen to this with headphones. It's really cool, listen to it! And no, it's not something scary.
  19. I love you Lord Aku!

    No, I really don't.
  20. Yes, clever.

    The skin is amazing, but I hate the background. And change the banner at the top. It would make an awesome skin. ;)