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    Other meanings of SBM
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    Every Beatles Album Reviewed

    Hey everybody, and welcome to... this I guess. So the reason I chose the Beatles for this project is because, when we think of the greatest band, for some reason it's always them. And when we think of overrated bands, some people also think its them. So to take a side on this position last...
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    SBM feels outdated.

    If you look in the the episodes page, you will see that the page hasn't even updated to include the Color Week episodes, which is weird because they aired almost 3 months ago. I don't know it just feels like SBM is behind on the episodes page.
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    Doyouwantoptions' Top 10 Worst Post Movie SpongeBob Episodes

    SpongeBob is a good show. I like it, and everybody on here liked it at some point. But we can all agree that there are some absolutely abysmal episodes. And I have counted down the worst of the worst. All episodes apply here. All specials and TV movies are allowed. I have weird opinions. 10...
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    4:00 AM is the best time be on SBM

    AM I right, Europeans?
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    Save A Pieguy's Top 5 Episode

    Figured I'd take my spin of this. I took off Wet Painters because that's my favorite episode on this list. The list: Pizza Delivery Opposite Day SB-129 Arrgh! Rock Bottom Something Smells Frankendoodle The Secret Box Band Geeks Sailor Mouth One Krab's Trash Krusty Krab Training Video Chocolate...
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    The stupidest thing i've ever said just happened

    So a couple of minutes ago I was just watching Return Of The Jedi with my dad. Now at the very end of the film, Anakin's is shown. And then I pointed out that that is only time we see Anakin without all the Darth Vader stuff in the original trilogy. But i referred to the trilogy as the...
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    Why I Don't Hate "A Pal for Gary"

    User's Rating: 6/10 A.R.R.: 0.5-0/10 Unlikeability: SpongeBob Puffy Fluffy Animal abuse "Torture ::dolphin noise::" The climax Highlight: The foreshadowing Opinion: While this is definitely not a good episode, A Pal For Gary marked a decent role at executing the writing and animation, even if...
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    I stayed up late tonight, as you can clearly see

    Black Friday 2017 will forever be known as The Attack Of The Claymation Santas.
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    How was Nintendo World Championships 2017?

    In my opinion, it was way better than 2015. In 2015, they either did really new games, or really old games. There was nothing in between. Here, they had much more variety. List of games in NWC17: (in order) The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - 2017 Super Smash Bros. For Wii U - 2014...
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    Phish 8/17/97 - The Great Went The greatest concert in the history of existence. 1:59:37 still blows my mind today.
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    What's your favorite console SpongeBob game?

    Mine is Battle For Bikini Bottom.
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    Best And Worst Of Each Season (IMO)

    Self explanatory. Favorite Season 1: SB-129 Season 2: Frankendoodle Season 3: MM and BB V Season 4: Dunces And Dragons Season 5: Krabs a'la Mode Season 6: Chum Bucket Supreme Season 7: Perfect Chemistry Season 8: For Here Or To Go Season 9: The Sewers Of Bikini Bottom Season 10: Mimic Madness...
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    hi I'm currently 15 and live in Scottsdale, AZ. I love Spongebob and have a weird history around it. I started watching Spongebob around Season 6. As you can tell, because it's Season 6, I didn't really get a positive reaction. I gave it another chance around 9A and I liked it. It has then...