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    Automotive Discussion Thread

    i mean if you clean the bird[Oops Dolphin Noise] or whatever that white substance is off of it then it'll look cool ig
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    Fug Appreciation Thread

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    what am i doing with my life at this point

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    November Desktops

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    Hi! I'm new here.

    sup welcome to heck!
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    hey guys its poop

    Thank you poop, very cool!
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    Lola Loud reacts to Abney refused to give Prez him VIP back

    there's vomit on his sweater already, ssj's spaghetti!
  8. sbl

    Lola Loud reacts to Abney refused to give Prez him VIP back

    his palms are sweaty!
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    September Desktops

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    Pinned thread Tease ssj Topic

    ^ Well then. ssj doesn't make meat spaghetti like a normal person. and also defends horrible people.
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    Happy Birthday Season 9B! (3)

    I thought there was a user named Season 9B and he or she or whatever was 3.....but happy birthday!
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    July Desktops

    Happy July 2nd! The day after Canada Day! Post your desktops! :)
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    im sory sbm

    welcom bac wombo!!!1!!!
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    Do You Like Burger King? 2018 Edition

    I like Burger King. There's one pretty close to me. But every time I eat a Whopper, the smell of burger (or I guess oil) stays with me all day (even if I try to wash it off). I also like their chicken sandwiches, but there's SO much mayonnaise. Their chicken nuggets are good too. chicken...
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    May Desktops

    It's gonna be MAYYY...desktops. Post your desktops and/or phone setups! I don't know if I used this background before or not, but I love it.
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    SpongeBob SquarePants: The Scenes Behind the Memes! 😂

    rip all of these memes rip all of these memes
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    April Desktops