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  1. Best Green Day Song

    I compiled a list of all of my favorite Green Day songs, what's your favorite? Mine's Longview :P It took me a while, but I have them alphabetitized and listed by album XD
  2. Quake 3 Arena

    I play Q3:A online all of the time, if anyone else does, and has a decent connection, post here sometime so we can play :P
  3. New Sig & Animated Avatar

    My avatar is Patrick from Valentine's Day Heart on stick must die! - :P My signature is my favorite clip from Weird Al's UHF where he's parodying Rambo
  4. ?Tengo una computadora nueva!

    I got a new computer today at CompUSA because I was fed up with my other one. They said it's the fastest computer they have in the store :), here's the stats: 3400+ AMD Athlon 64 Processor (2.20 GHz, 1 MB L2 cache, 1200MHz System Bus) 512 MB PC2700 DDR SDRAM memory 160 GB 7200RPM Ultra DMA hard...
  5. "SpongeBob Slipups"

    Errors in animation on SpongeBob have been recorded and posted here: Most of them are really minor or really obvious, but some may catch you by surprise.
  6. Alter Bridge arises from fallen Creed

    After Creed's splitup, bandmates Mark Tremonti and Scott Phillips have met up with former Creed bassist Brian Marshall and former Mayfield Four lead singer Myles Kennedy to form Alter Bridge. Their debut album, One Day Remains is going to be released the 10th of August. You can hear their first...
  7. New Green Day Album

    Green Day's 7th album, American Idiot is due out in September, September 17th I believe. The title track, also called American Idiot, will be on the upcoming Madden 2005 NFL Video Game, months before the album's release! Green Day is getting more buzz for this album because of their style in...
  8. I'm Back.. for now

    I've been getting bored lately so i'm going to start posting at these forums. Ive been reading posts on SBC lately and SpongeBuddy seems to hold the only stable SpongeBob forums on the internet. *Ahem* Anyway, I plan to be a regular member here and hope no more conflicts arise :lol:
  9. Hello my name is GrEeNdAyFrEaK and I have problems

    Cool forums Spongey. Some of you all may know me from SBA and SBC. If you don't, here's a little about myself: o I'm 17 o I work at Kroger (a grocery store) o I'm from Kentucky o I'm an avid Patrick fan B) o I'm a huge rock fan My sig and avatar will be up shortly B) B) heh, love the spongebob...