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  1. Whatsittoya

    198a. Sharks vs Pods

    Do. It. Now
  2. Whatsittoya

    198a. Sharks vs Pods

    SB really is back! That shark episode was hilarious! I was giggling like a fool. At the dancing, SB's warmup, the police. Everything was spot on
  3. Whatsittoya

    Third movie based on a story by Paul Tibbitt and Kyle McCulloch

    HE WROTE FOR CHINA,IL. This can only end terrible.
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    Third SpongeBob movie to be released February 8th 2019

    RIP SpongeBob. Was nice knowing you. Do you think Steve OR Paul wants this? No. Infact the first movie was supposed to end it. This is forced labor. No one wants this. Those corporate scumbags are running Spongebob into the ground. It's gonna be a dead brand at this rate in a few years. Like...
  5. Whatsittoya

    Which movie has better comedy?

    The first one. No doubt
  6. Whatsittoya

    New storyboard artist

    Uh oh spaghetti-Os. Lets hope he doesn't ruin the character designs and that they work based on a model
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    190a. Lost in Bikini Bottom

    This episode was great. A huge step up from previous ones
  8. Whatsittoya

    Best novelty hat from One Krabs Trash

    The foxy grandpa
  9. Whatsittoya

    Kinda big news

    Season 9s is off in a way. Can't explain it. Small eyes? Big nose? Small face?
  10. Whatsittoya

    New crew member - Kurt Snyder

    Wow. Love his artistic skills! Is he a character designer?
  11. Whatsittoya

    Podcast with Derek Drymon

    Interesting. Thanks !
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    Pinned thread Sea Creatures Rule! Water! Water! Water!

    What's this topic about
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    Kinda big news

    Read the tweets below. With sherm and other onboard we won't have the expressionless stiff rectangle that we had before
  14. Whatsittoya

    Kinda big news

    New one is off somehow. Can't describe. Bland
  15. Whatsittoya

    Kinda big news

    I haven't been excited to watch a cartoon in years. This is a sign
  16. Whatsittoya

    Kinda big news

    Check out the convo we had below that. My hype is through the roof!!
  17. Whatsittoya

    Kinda big news

    Check out @ShermCohen's Tweet: SpongeBob is using season 3 models again. Holy ::dolphin noise:: am I excited for Friday!!! Victory screeetch!!!
  18. Whatsittoya

    The Spongebob Squarepants Movie vs The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

    I really love the new movie but it still doesn't have that charm that was present on earlier SB seasons. I can't describe it. I know the continuation of Season9 will be a great one though.
  19. Whatsittoya


    What was the original movie reviews 2 months after release?