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  1. The Lazy Starfish

    "I feel Fantastic" Video and Thoughts So this video is called "I feel Fantastic". In the video there's basically a creepy manaquin singing, the words "I feel Fantastic" and "hey hey hey". Some parts of the video cut to the manaquin wearing different clothes, and where it's on the roof and...
  2. The Lazy Starfish

    Have you ever met any attractive cashiers in a fast food place?

    Hey guys...I'm asking this becuase yesterday I was in a McDonald's and I had to buy two extra cheeseburgers and the cashier who I was attented by..was let's just say...really really actractive lel..I kept my cool tho and I asked for the cheesburgers, so I gave her money, and she gave me the bro...
  3. The Lazy Starfish

    2015 FIFA Woman's World Cup

    One of the biggest events of the summer is taking place currently, the woman's World Cup which is taking place in Canada. A total of 32 teams competed in the group stage, and 16 went on the knockout stage, and then 8 in the Quarterfinal, 4 in the semifinal, and 2 in the final. One of those teams...
  4. The Lazy Starfish

    Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Reviews

    So since this is one of the only Call Of Duty Games I've been able to play(I have a Wii U, yeah I know) I was wondering about your guys thoughts on the game. Personally I've been only able to play Campaign( I finished it) and it was amazing! The graphics are good, the story is amazing, as well...
  5. The Lazy Starfish

    Anything Bad Ever Happen To You At A Movie Theatre?

    Has anything bad ever happened to you at a movie theatre? For ex. Food Poisioning, Injury etc. I'm asking this question because of a food Poisioning that happened to me at a movie theatre during early March. The event was a major cause of my anxiety(it's mostly gone now).
  6. The Lazy Starfish

    List all bad shows Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel have ever produced

    Here's mine: Nick: The Thundermans The Haunted Hathaways Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awseomeness Fanboy & Chum Chum Nick Studio 10 Awesomeness TV Planet Sheen Marvin Marvin Every Witch Way(Well it looked bad) The Pengiuns Of Madagascar(Bland) How To Rock(ehh..) House Of Anubis(interesting but...
  7. The Lazy Starfish

    22tigerdude tread

    Link To His Channel: Post your thoughts on his channel, Discuss his SpongeBob reviews & his other videos, and you can even copy and past links to his latest videos :)
  8. The Lazy Starfish

    Epic Fail :p

  9. The Lazy Starfish

    The Life Of Todd Phillips(Movie)

    Name Of Movie: The Life Of Todd Phillips Directed By: PatrickRocks51 Starring: Tom Hanks, Todd Phillips, Drake Bell, Josh Beck etc. Story: On November 24, 1989 A baby is born into the World. The Dad names him Todd, then 2 days later The family takes him home, where they are greeted with a...
  10. The Lazy Starfish

    Rate The TV Show Above You

    Rules: It's just like the "rate the episode about ya" topic just with TV Shows I'll start: Full House
  11. The Lazy Starfish

    What Will Happen To SBM When SpongeBob Ends?

    What will happen?Will the site close down, or will it keep going forever & forever?!
  12. The Lazy Starfish

    Favorite Sports Teams?

    Here's Mine: MLB: New York Mets & Boston Red Sox NHL: New York Rangers NFL: New York Jets & San Diego Chargers NBA: New York Knicks & Los Angeles Clippers MLS: New York Red Bulls P.S I kind of like The Heat but there no one of my favorites P.S.S I'm sorry if there's already a topic like this
  13. The Lazy Starfish

    Do You Have Stage Fright?

    I used to in 5th grade(I cried during the student council speeches) but now in 6th I think I'm an OK Public Speaker(I read something during the School Mass today). So do any of you guys have Stage Fright?
  14. The Lazy Starfish

    Why Do You Like Squidward?

    I like him because he's the most hilarious squid I've ever seen :) How About You?
  15. The Lazy Starfish

    PR51's Art Gallery

    Here's my first 2 creations: Tell me what you think of these. I'll be doing more of these in the future :)
  16. The Lazy Starfish

    My First Video This video will cover New SpongeBob haters & New SpongeBob itself :)
  17. The Lazy Starfish

    PR51's Top 11 Worst SpongeBob Episodes

    Hello SBM members I'll be doing a top 11 worst SpongeBob Episodes since almost everybody here has done it :p. I'll be starting the list either later tonight or tomorrow :)
  18. The Lazy Starfish

    My Favorite Characters In Order

    1. Patrick Star 2. Squidward Tentacles 3. SpongeBob SquarePants 4. Gary Wilson Jr. 5. Sheldon Plankton 6. Sandy Cheeks 7. Eugene Krabs 8. Mrs. Puff So You People? P.S I know this topic will get like no replies :p
  19. The Lazy Starfish

    Do You Have A Dog?

    I do. His name is Toby. He's around 4 months old & he's a shiz tzu. Anyways I was wondering if any of you fine SBM members own a dog? If so tell me his name, how old he is & his breed. You could even add pictures of him/her. :) Here's A Picture Of My Dog: