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  1. Sonicdude2355

    A Farewell...

    Okay, I am not going to lie and say that I am good at doing this sort of thing. Heck, the few of you who stayed are probably sick of seeing threads like these, but I really do mean it. This is going to be my final post here. Given that I now know the extent of what made everyone else leave, and...
  2. Sonicdude2355

    Games you feel are overrated!

    Ever feel like a game that gets a lot of praise isn't as good as everyone makes it out to be? I know I do! Share these games and your reasons why! Personally, I think that Banjo-Kazooie isn't that fun. I think your movement speed is too slow and the worlds are a bit overly expansive.
  3. Sonicdude2355

    Pizza Tower

    Any of you heard of this game yet? It's a Wario Land inspired game where you play as this chef who must go through this Pizza Tower to make a god-like Pizza. I can link you to a few places where you can find out more about the game. Developer's Twitter Account Tumblr account about the game...
  4. Sonicdude2355

    Nick Knacks

    Has anyone else here seen the documentary series Nick Knacks? It's a series that documents the complete history of Nickelodeon, from it's conception all the way back in the 1970's to now. It's a very well made series, even though some episodes are long in length. It gives a very nice insight to...
  5. Sonicdude2355

    Battle for Bikini Bottom vs The Movie Game

    A.K.A An argument I'm sure this forum has had. I just made this poll for fun, but I'd also like to hear your guys opinion on both games, and why you think one is better than the other! and please, for the love of Neptune, try to keep things civil!
  6. Sonicdude2355

    Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch Roster Guesses!

    Hey all you! So, seeing as E3 is rapidly approaching us I decided to make this topic about all of our predictions for the next Smash Bros! Now, before you ready your Shreks and Gokus, I would REALLY advise you to keep things serious here. I do not want this topic turning into a memefest that...
  7. Sonicdude2355

    Create your own Squidward Torture Episode (Revised Edition!)

    Hey all! I was browsing the Fry Cook Games and saw that people were STILL posting in my old Squid Torture post, so I decided to both renew and revise the game! Basically, your goal is to create a silly Squidward Torture plot for everyone to simply laugh at how silly and dumb it can be! This can...
  8. Sonicdude2355

    Bully/Canis Canem Edit

    I want to know what you guys think of this game. I personally think it's one of Rockstar's best titles! If you don't know, Bully (otherwise known as Canis Canem Edit) is a game developed by Rockstar Vancouver. The plot involves: The gameplay, to put it simply, is similar to that of Grand...
  9. Sonicdude2355

    Super Mario Odyssey

    Ok, first off, I would have thought this would have been made a topic by now. Second, sorry about my absentness, i got things to do. I love how this game looks, and the thought of mario being in New York (or "New Donk") is just fascinating. what are your guys thoughts?
  10. Sonicdude2355

    The SBM Quest to save the 12th dimension.

    Ok, so you know those cringey, stupid Miiverse RP's you see all the time when you are on there? Well, I think that we should stoop to a new low, and make a whole RP where A bunch of SBM members go on a quest to defeat the evil monkey in the 12th dimension (this IS sbm after all, gotta keep it...
  11. Sonicdude2355

    Conspiracy Topic # 51

    Simple, Post conspiracy Theories Here about the site, members, what ever... Theory 1#: AngelSponge is Obab
  12. Sonicdude2355

    Post Memes You Have Found at Your School.

    Simple, Post memes you have found at your school, now that can be in either descriptive text, or in photo, either way, just post memes you hav found. In one of my teacher's rooms, they have that life guard from ripped my pants with the face he makes after he saves spongebob with text saying...
  13. Sonicdude2355

    Spongebob: The Movie Game "Mod"

    EDIT: On second thought, I think right now wouldn't be the best time to make this happen, sorry, but I WILL announce when I have time to make this happen, Sorry folks.
  14. Sonicdude2355

    Should I Make Another GCN Mod?

    I've Been Thinking about my popular BFBB Mod recently, and have thought about making another mod. Now, Instead of just randomly making a Mod out of nowhere, I've decided to get You guys Involved! You can Choose If I should or SHouldn't make a Mod, and You get to decide the Game I mod. However...
  15. Sonicdude2355

    So, The Dump Is Apparently "Ruined"

    So, I guess a bunch of members think that the Dump is at an all-time low... I don't see it. The Dump seems as normal as ever, at least, to me it does.
  16. Sonicdude2355

    Completely Pathetic Topic By Sonicdude #23

    How should I go about getting friends to play gta online with me?
  17. Sonicdude2355

    Hiring For The Sonicdude Show PILOT

    EDIT: I have Decided to not even make a pilot, because I don't think I can provide Quality Content, Sorry. I am making this post to see if any writers can help me write the Pilot Episode of the Sonicdude Show, to see how the audience reacts, if they like it, we will produce more episodes, if...
  18. Sonicdude2355

    Bully/Bully: Scholarship Edition

    Anyone else remember this game? it was like, a version of GTA, but set in a boarding school.
  19. Sonicdude2355

    Should There Be a Sonicdude Show?

    Well? Eh, I Just want to see why there's stuff like the OBAB Show. And maybe, Just maybe, make a cooler one. (But have it be miles better too.)
  20. Sonicdude2355

    I made an Abomination.