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  1. CheesePudding

    PC Features on DVD's Don't Work?

    So according to some of my SpongeBob DVD's, they have features on them that can only work on PC's. (Example: The 2nd Season having a Script Viewer, and Sponge For Hire and SpongeBob Goes Prehistoric having PC Game Demos.) When I put them in my PC, it said that Enhanced DVD features can work on a...
  2. CheesePudding

    Schedule for Nick?

    On the info section of the Wiki, when I try to access the Schedule, it say's that there is an error. Is it down for a reason?
  3. CheesePudding

    Wii Shop Channel What do you think of the shop Channel Closing?
  4. CheesePudding

    Fire Imp

    Best character
  5. CheesePudding

    What do you think of The lost Spatula?

    What do you think of the first SpongeBob game? I heard that it got ether mixed reviews or mediocre reviews, so I want to know what you guys think about it!