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  1. SpongeyKid

    200. Goodbye, Krabby Patty?

    Season 9 is finally done! :P I really enjoyed this special too and all the mini plots and gags throughout were really good (Patrick revealing that there's sand in the Krabby Patties, Mr. Krabs constantly fainting, SpongeBob and Patrick with the pants, Squidward quitting etc.) It all just kinda...
  2. SpongeyKid

    204b. The Whole Tooth

    Wow this episode was really great and better than expected. I guess I came in thinking that it was just another plot often used for other shows but I loved what they did with it. The baby tooth was really funny and all the gags worked well. Great episode :thumbsup:
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    202b. Snail Mail

    Pretty good episode, the plot felt fresh, some good jokes and overall another nice episode added to season 9 :)
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    The Amazing World Of Gumball

    I saw some of the recent episodes, and I really enjoyed The Test. The Slide was also kinda good and funny (sad at the end too) And another one that I saw a while ago that I thought was really nice was The Choices. I liked the backstory for Nicole and Richard and the direction the episode went...
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    205a. Whirlybrains

    This episode was AMAZING! I thought it was gonna be hard to top season 9's great animation but with this episode season 10 seems like it'll have the most expressive animation for the whole series. It makes the episode as a whole a lot more fun to watch. I thought the plot was really interesting...
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    205a. Whirlybrains

    205a Discuss the first episode of season 10 here.
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    204a. Mutiny on the Krusty

    Wow, I'm surprised to see that not a lot of people like it as much as I do. I thought it was really funny throughout the whole thing and the dynamic with the KK crew and customers made the episode really good. By the plot of the episode, I thought it sounded really good so I was excited and it...
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    Which 'Teen Titans Go!' Teammate Are You?

    I got Raven too :P
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    Every Episode of SpongeBob Reviewed: A Video Series

    I think season 9b deserves all the praise it gets. It really is bringing a lot to the table. Amazing animation, unique plots, funny gags and jokes, and it's just overall enjoyable. I've been having lots of fun watching the new episodes and It's always exciting to get a new episode knowing how...
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    Raven = Squidward

    and mr. gus
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    How often do you watch SpongeBob?

    I don't seem to watch it a lot these days. Maybe a few times a month.
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    Powerpuff Girls Reboot Movie

    I don't really like the reboot, but if there were to be a movie of it, I think I would watch out of curiosity.
  13. SpongeyKid

    201b. Bulletin Board

    This episode was fairly good. I liked seeing Bubblebass again and overall I enjoyed it throughout, but not one of my favorites from season 9. Still good though.
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    Pinned thread The Letter Game

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    Pinned thread Number Game

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    Steven Universe

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    Do you want SpongeBob to be like how it was in the first 3 seasons?

    I really love how the episodes in season 9 have been. It feels, fresh and funny and it adds a special charm to season 9 that no other season has. The animation and facial expressions have also been amazing. I'm just glad that the show is providing us with really entertaining episodes which is...
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    Steven Universe

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    The Amazing World Of Gumball

    The Compilation was really funny. I already knew it was gonna be great based on the plot as the type of plot has worked very well for several other episodes where we just get to see lots of little funny scenes. I also got to watch The Fury which was a really amazing episode. That fight scene was...
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    Regular Show

    Well, I just hope season 8 is another great season to wrap things up because this show has definitely been one of my favorites :thumbsup: