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  1. Jibbix

    jibbix draws occasionally

    I had an art thread before but I didn't want to bump it because it's like 5 years old and there's a lot of bad art and cringe comments courtesy of me sooooo here's a new one this art is also bad though anyway here's some recent stuff
  2. Jibbix

    The Petition To Get Jibbix in that SB Writer's Room ASAP (no Rocky)

    Alright fellow SBM bros, it's time I get something out of the 5 years I've sunk into this place (Jesus, has it really been that long? I gotta reevaluate my life man wow). For years now, you may have noticed in my frequently more infrequent posts that I bring up writers a lot. Like, a LOT. Back...
  3. Jibbix

    so why do we all just hate season 8 now

    haven't made a topic in forever but I've been noticing a ton of Season 8 hate in a lot of topics lately and it's been bothering me I'm just remembering back to when this season was the savior of SpongeBob and wondering why everyone seems to have just turned on it because like why
  4. Jibbix

    Does Anyone Actually Like Archangel

    I really want to know. Probably risking a ban for this but w/e lol
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    The Jibbinards EP- HPL READ THIS THREAD

    Tracklist and Features TBD will most likely have 5-6 mostly instrumental tracks idk IT CAN BE REAL JUST POST YOUR PICTURE HPL
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    Jibbix's Timeline Theory

    i have no one to hang out with today so it's back to 2012 nuggets that likes to write about spongebob i guess So, we all know that the movie takes place at the end of the series and that Help Wanted takes place at the start, but everything else is a bit of a mystery, when you think about it. In...
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    New Episodes Airing In Australia

    Possible new episode news! New episodes are airing in Australia tomorrow! Plots: 190a - Dueling Picnics: SpongeBob convinces Mr. Krabs to hold the Krusty Krab's first annual company picnic. 190b - Krab's Army: Mr. Krabs thinks that the boys are slacking on the job and puts them through his...
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    Have We Really Improved?

    We hear it all the time. "Has SpongeBob gotten better?", they ask. "Yes, Seasons 8 & 9 have been great improvements.", We say. But now it's time to ask that question differently. Has it really improved? Season 6...
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    Didn't know where to put this, so here is as good as any I guess. Poem I wrote for a class. 6 pages long and has some iffy rhymes, but I liked it enough I guess. -Heaven Hey. I like you. You’re charming. You’re cute. You seem nice and down to earth…kinda like a root.” “Ha, you’re funny. You’re...
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    Kanye West

    I didn't see a topic on him so He's probably my favorite artist today...He's a complete moron as a person, but his music is really good and almost any song he produces is gold. His most recent album, Yeezus was good, really different, although I think I liked My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy...
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    World's Finest- Batman/Superman Live Action Crossover

    Since no one's posted about this yet: *dies*
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    Foestream is a story I've had in my head for a long time, based on a simple question: What if Mr. Krabs and Plankton weren't enemies? It's gonna be completely drawn in the storyboard style to stay true to the show, and broken into several parts. Without futher ado, I present: Foestream-Part...
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    Whether it's hearing the "That guy got hit in the head with a coconut!" music in The Thing and Squid Baby, or having entire episodes dedicated to the return of old characters like Bubble Buddy Returns, to even smaller references like including Fiasco from "Fiasco!" in "Are You Happy Now?"...
  14. Jibbix

    Writer Facts

    Was bored, decided to compile a list of random facts about writers. -Vincent Waller, the show's current Creative Director, used to write and direct on Ren And Stimpy. -Richard Pursel also used to work on Ren And Stimpy. In fact, he and Waller worked together on some of Ren And Stimpy's best...
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    i guess this has something to do with spongebob paul's tweet paul's tweet man the fact that he realizes people seriously don't like him because they think he ruined spongebob my heart she is broken
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    And SpongeBob History Repeats Itself

    Just as it was before the first movie, nearly ten years ago, history is repeating itself. Back around 2004, a lot of the writers for the first three seasons left to write for other shows (most notably Camp Lazlo). And now, it seems as if it's happening again. Dani Michaeli has stated on his...
  17. Jibbix

    Trippy Scenes

    So, you're watching an episode of SpongeBob. It's actually pretty cool, but then it takes a turn for the weird. What's this? Spongebob has turned into a walking stick of cheese and is being eaten by a Patrick look-alike that has disturbingly realistic toenails? As he falls into Patrick's...
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    The Writer Analyzation Topic

    After much Spongebob observing, I decided to observe the styles of each writer and storyboard director on the show. I've started by analyzing each storyboard director. Hope you guys like it! :D It took a lot of effort. Storyboard Director Analyzation Luke Brookshier-...
  19. Jibbix

    178. Hello Bikini Bottom!

    178 Written By Aaron Springer, Sean Charmatz and Dani Michaeli Wow, despite all the hype for the ep, I was surprised to see no topic for it. I haven't seen it fully, but what I did see was great. It looked as if Squidward and Spongebob's relationship was repaired in it somewhat, and I saw a...