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  1. I Was Wrong

    You all know how I hate the box in Sportz? Mostly because it does in fact change the entirety of the episode? was silly of me to hate it so much given that it was clearly an animation error, so let's take a close look As you can see, the very visible address to Sandy's name that they...
  2. New Episodes in May

    After dropping Sanitation Insanity off the face of the Earth, Nick's already airing it next week As of now the Futon Critic only lists 4 episodes, three episodes already known and then Mustard O'Mine, there's nothing on Friday as of now...
  3. Blackhawks resort to Emergency Backup Goalie, Guy Makes 7 Saves on 7 Shots This is due to the two goalie per team rule limiting AHL callups, so if both goalies ever get injured this will happen, but usually won't work as well as this one.
  4. 2018 MLB Season

    Opening Day is upon us! :D
  5. Black Panther

    This time let's go for an actual topic about the latest Marvel movie.
  6. The XFL is eyeing a 2020 return Never thought McMahon would actually go through with it....the power of a 30 for 30, huh?
  7. The Delaware 87ers are wearing SpongeBob Jerseys for "Nickelodeon Night" My favorite part is the basketball shorts still including the white part which is really his shirt, really wish major leagues would allow stuff like this *coughGoodellcough*
  8. I Improved the Texan Flag

  9. 5 years ago today....
  10. Rainbowger

    Nick just uploaded this official short onto their youtube channel so let's just call this official
  11. 2017-18 NHL Season

    How in the everloving christ did we miss this topic? O.o I'd be content with mediocrity as long as Giroux and Voracek remember how to play on a 1st line this year and the Schenn trade was very stupid, don't care if he was worthless 5v5. Also our penalty kill still probably sucks because of the...
  12. 2017 NFL Season

    Since the preseason "officially" begins tonight nobody cares for the Hall of Fame Game don't even try lying to yourself the most notable thing in its' existence was when they had the wrong paint last year it's time for your hopes and dreams to be shattered. What will be the most annoying...
  13. Should we call him "Lightning Larry Luciano"?
  14. The Day of Action For Net Neutrality is Upon Us

    TODAY IS FINALLY THE DAY FOR PROTESTING! For those in the United States you're screwing yourself by not signing on any of these websites like this one For those who remember the SOPA protests of 2012, this is the same scenario, except for Net...
  15. Netflix's Death Note "Adaptation" Soo yeah this is a thing, and honestly not even on Death Note terms this seems mediocre action filled American film. The thing that made Death Note engaging was the mind games in it and the manipulation, and this looks to completely get rid of that...
  16. Unique Titlecard Design

    Is it just me or has there been more consistency in Title Card variety over the past season or two? There were some before that fit the episode title such as Bubble Buddy back to pre-movie, but lately the details or patterns on them seem to fit more than a semi-basic title card from earlier on...
  17. June Desktops

  18. At least Splinter Tried Here The fact that TMNT is the only thing that's even American on here has me convinced that 4kids were secretly a bunch of Xenophobic Communistic Spies sent out to make Japan want revenge for Hiroshima and Nagasaki also that ending photoshop of the Tokyo...
  19. RAIDERS TO VEGAS CONFIRMED They still play in Oakland during 2017 and 2018...boy won't the city regret this if the Raiders make at least a championship game next year.