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  1. Fortnite

    Only good as a replacement for XBox live for all the 12 year olds to flock off to given that they don't have to ask for their parents credit card info due to it being a free game.
  2. Every Episode of SpongeBob Reviewed: A Video Series

    If anything I'm offended that people still harp on the same points that we've disproved, with nothing new to the conversation that could prove them right whatsoever.
  3. Every Episode of SpongeBob Reviewed: A Video Series

    If you genuinely think that we're doing this solely because Pieguy disagrees with us, then actually prove it. I've already gone through this thread and stated my reasoning to disprove this notion already, given multiple details such as how we only joined in the topic after nicko made his post...
  4. Every Episode of SpongeBob Reviewed: A Video Series

    Have you been paying attention to the previous few pages? None of us "beefers" were upset with Pieguy, we just didn't like his video, found it hypocritical, and thought some arguments were poorly made. We all left it at that except for Klu who politely voiced his concerns with the video, and...
  5. I Was Wrong

    You all know how I hate the box in Sportz? Mostly because it does in fact change the entirety of the episode? was silly of me to hate it so much given that it was clearly an animation error, so let's take a close look As you can see, the very visible address to Sandy's name that they...
  6. Every Episode of SpongeBob Reviewed: A Video Series

    Sportz was always called bland and it slowly gained a few people who outright despise it, and most have announced their hate at completely different time periods, me multiple pages in the episode discussion before Slug (and I even hated it at the first airing), another person over time, and...
  7. Every Episode of SpongeBob Reviewed: A Video Series

    I can't believe that there are multiple people trying to say what is quite possibly the single most baseless argument that I've ever seen online. I'll reiterate myself here I have actively expressed my distaste for the episode and so have others on here, on SBC, some on the wiki, maybe even a...
  8. Every Episode of SpongeBob Reviewed: A Video Series

    I know at least 4 other people who have it in their bottom 10 (two 3rd's, a 4th, and a 6th worst respectively) and it's my least favorite of the entire show, for reasons I have explained on here and on other websites. It's not widely hated persay as the general consensus is that it's "meh", but...
  9. Every Episode of SpongeBob Reviewed: A Video Series

    It's not merely because they're "blind to a flaw", heck he seems to start to acknowledge some such as saying that it isn't really funny and that the premise is out there for even SpongeBob, only to backtrack and praise the episode even though he's been much harsher on other episodes for reasons...
  10. Every Episode of SpongeBob Reviewed: A Video Series

    I said I was done with this forum for the time being, but there are some egregious statements in here that blatantly put some of the reaction to the video in a negative manner with completely misguided merit. It's not solely because he likes the episode, and the complaints aren't even solely...
  11. Overrated Post-Movie Episodes

    There is the absolute oddest love for Krusty Towers that makes no sense to me.
  12. Best Episode Elimination Game

    Pranks a Lot
  13. Your Basketball Team

    Patrick, Armor Abs, Neptune, Larry, and SHADOW BASKETBALL
  14. The Squidward Rivalry Hunger Games!

    Geez Squilliam killing it time to add a yandere chapter to the Squidiam saga? O_O
  15. Pinned thread Tease ssj Topic

    Ssj's a complete tool
  16. Pinned thread Episode or Episode

    Algae Naught Nautical Neighbors or The Chaperone