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  1. toadetteXspongebob 4ever

    Does anybody remember a SpongeBob commercial that featured Dell Computers?

    I remember there being one, but can't find the commercial on YouTube, Maybe it doesn't exist, but I know for a fact it does. Tell me if it's real, of if i'm making it up. I know it's real, as I once saw a commercial for it while my mom was watching TV. Plz help!
  2. toadetteXspongebob 4ever

    A bootleg nickelodeon website, the bootleg nickelodeon website. I know it's a bootleg because there are some things that don't look right. The do not touch button is just the same thing over and over. There are shows on there that aren't even on nickelodeon. and a bunch of other things. Here's the SpongeBob...
  3. toadetteXspongebob 4ever

    Made an extremely funny video and posted on YouTube.

    The video is called YTP: Gand Beeks. Here it is: Also, some of the sound effects are out of sync.
  4. toadetteXspongebob 4ever

    Band Geeks alternate ending.

    Here is where I take the scene of Band Geeks when Patrick has the tuba (or is it a trombone?) on his body, but It ends when he looks down at it and the entire Bikini Bottom explodes. No hate for the episode, this thing just popped into my mind, and I knew I had to make it! Hope you enjoy it!
  5. toadetteXspongebob 4ever

    I found this random thing on amazon or some other site.

    I found this random thing: They used the SpongeBob font for the words Monthly Activity Planner. Isn't that copyright?