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  1. Patrick-man

    Welcome to the Salty Spitoon!

    Welcome to the Salty Spitoon! How tough are ya? Start your post with ''How tough am I?'' and end it with ''Welcome to the Salty Spitoon! How tough are ya?''
  2. Patrick-man

    Sbm parody of the road song

    (spongebuddy spongebuddy spongebuddy spongebuddy...) troughout the song When I'm on sbm I see topics being posted (and bumped!) When I'm on sbm i got 1 doubloon When I'm on sbm looks like Abney's counting his bans When I'm on sbm E.V.I.L spams gay squids (AKA Squidam) Let's all sing the sbm...
  3. Patrick-man

    Christmas decorating

    I started... Well finished.
  4. Patrick-man

    boating school

    why couldn't spongebob go to boating school when he was fun-employed (un-employed)
  5. Patrick-man

    Spongebob's cousin?

    who is this guy?
  6. Patrick-man

    the same mystery

    when "It came from goo lagoon" premiers I'll find my my missing loonie
  7. Patrick-man

    funny faces in spongebob

  8. Patrick-man

    post spongebob pictures

    Just post a random spongebob picture
  9. Patrick-man

    1000 posts

    lock this topic when it gets 1000 posts
  10. Patrick-man

    big picture of characters

    is there a big picture of spongebob characters
  11. Patrick-man

    favourite dreams

    who's is the most fun
  12. Patrick-man

    microsoft vs apple

    microsoft ftw
  13. Patrick-man

    google play vs app store

    which is better
  14. Patrick-man

    country vs country

    Canada vs USA
  15. Patrick-man


    should he be a main character of spongebob?
  16. Patrick-man

    it came from goo lagoon

    when dose it air
  17. Patrick-man

    windows 7

    happy now abney
  18. Patrick-man

    funny faces

    i choose patrick
  19. Patrick-man

    forums to follow

    you get to pick the forums I follow
  20. Patrick-man

    google chrome

    I just got it it's OK maybe as good as Firefox is it good/slow?