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    Season 2 Episodes Ranked by Memory

    Band Geeks Graveyard Shift Dying for pie Frankendoodle Shanghaied Sailor Mouth Squid's day off Procrastination Pressure The Fry Cook Games Something Smells Survival of the idiots Squidville The Secret Box The Smoking Peanut No free rides Imitation Krabs Christmas Who...
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    Watchmojo's "Top 10 Spongebob Squarepants Episodes" Comment Section The video itself was fine, but the comment section is just ughhhhhh. Spoiler- Handsome Squidward was an honorable mention Some comments (SIC): "i'm so happY to see that all those moments were from the good old eps we loved and not those new weird...
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    my ten least worst spongebob episode

    hi guys i am going to be sharing my ten worst spongebob episodes I hate all post movie and spongebob should have been cnanled aftere the move their are no pre move on hear becaues there all greet ten the sprinter gross out patricks a pink episode nine house fancy toenail seen ew awful...
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    Season 1 Episodes ranked based on my memory

    Pizza Delivery SB-129 Rock Bottom Sleepy Time Suds Ripped Pants Hall Monitor MMBB Jellyfish Jam Employee of the month Squeaky Boots Squidward the unfriendly ghost The Paper Sandy's Rocket Fools in April Bubblestand The Chaperone Musclebob Buffpants F.U.N. MMBBII...
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    Last time you referenced Spongebob in real life?

    I remember I said "you're good, you're good, you're good" in reference to Shanghaied a few days ago.
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    Obscure favorite episodes?

    Does anyone have a really obscure episode as their favorite of all time? Like one you that you hardly know anyone else that has that favorite episode?
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    Hard Choice (Jacob Sartorius)

    Everyone should read this.
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    Favorite Bands

    What are your fave bands? Some of mine are the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Queen, Metallica, The rolling stones, Blink 182, Sum 41, and Sleeping with Sirens. Oh, and the Foo fighters.
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    Recommend a movie for me please

    Hey you guys, could you recommend a movie for me that is in the horror or comedy genres? For comedies, I love Borat, A clockwork orange, Airplane!, and blazing saddles. I'm new to the genre of horror, so what would be a good movie to start with? (not neccessarily the best, just the best to...
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    Hey kids, I'm spongebong hemppants

    Hi guys I am Spongbong Hemppants. A lot of you may know me as Toasterstrutel, but the email that account is connected to is no longer used and I forgot the password. This is the first time in a few months that I have used this site and I'm exited to be back! In my spare time I like watching...
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    Just a reminder

    You matter to someone. You have good qualities and bad qualities, but there are people out there who love you for who you are, good and bad. :)
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    Halftime Show Fail

    Adventure of a lifetime and Paradise were played while clocks and yellow weren't. Why?
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    Best Mumford and Sons song?

    I love this band. I like the type of music they produce a lot. So what is you favorite song by them? For me the clear top two is White Blank Page and Little Lion Man. White Blank page is brooding, epic, and angry, slow but surprisingly catchy. Little Lion Man is a boring pick, I know, but it...
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    My 2000th post

    Yup. It's the year I was born, and now I am a frozen cephalopod. It was nice being a giant clam though, I will miss those days. Thanks folks. ALSO 2000 POSTS :sbdyah:
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    Complement the user above you

    This is nice and positive. Just give the user a complement above you.
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    Like my status if you like slinkies.
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    Norm of the north

    Awwwweeee yeahhhhhhhh. Norm of the north. I know everyone has been talking about this but we don't have an actual topic for it soooooo here.
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    Toasterstrutel's Top 5 favorite tv shows ever review

    Yeah I just want to do this. Clue for 5- Boobs (trust me admins, this isn't inappropriate when you see what five is)
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    Spongebob racist?

    "Recently the nicktoon Spongebob Squarepants has come under fire from crab right activists who believe the show is racist! According to crabs rights activist Stephanie Pincher the show portrays all crabs as 'greedy and miserly'. She provides evidence for this claim with the episode 'Kracked...