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  1. SBRoxMan

    Deleted Storyboards for It's a Wonderful Sponge Well the alien cats thing sure seems.... weird. But I'll admit it does make me more curious to what the plot of the final movie will be
  2. SBRoxMan

    Do you think there will be a Season 13?

    Just something I've been wondering lately as usually when a new season gets ordered, it tends to be before the preceding season premieres. But we're about to get to Season 12 (only a few Season 11 episodes left) and so far nothing beyond that has been announced
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    Do Countries Exist In SpongeBob's World?

    I got to wondering one day, in SpongeBob's world, do countries exist underwater? If so, what would be the name of the country that Bikini Bottom is located in? Given that the languages English, Spanish, French and German have been mentioned by name in the show, that could imply that underwater...
  4. SBRoxMan

    My Thoughts On Sponge Out Of Water

    I've been meaning to make a review of this movie for a while, I made a comment about how much I liked it immediately after seeing it, but I'd like to give a more in-depth review on it now that I've seen it quite a few times NOTE: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS HERE WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE MOVIE The...
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    Does SpongeBob Know The Secret Formula?

    This is something I've been wondering lately. I used to be convinced SpongeBob already knew it, and some episodes even imply he knows it. However, in Sponge Out Of Water, he has no idea what the formula is, in "Married To Money", Mr. Krabs states he has never told anyone the formula before, and...
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    10 Years On SBMania

    So yeah, May 1st marked the 10 year anniversary of when I first joined these forums! I actually meant to post something on that day, but instead I'm doing that now. It's now been 10 years since I made this cringe-worthy post as a 12 year-old At that time, I wasn't too active, only reaching 100...
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    The "Infamous" Scene In Karate Star

    Yeah, you know which scene I'm talking about :P I've seen a lot of hate on websites about the scene where Patrick almost karate chops a baby (yes, I know it's mentioned in a Mr. Enter video, but that's not what bothers me), and though I guess the hate is understandable, there's something that...
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    Something I've Noticed About Post-2nd Movie

    Is it me, or do a lot of post-2nd movie episodes seem to focus a lot less on SpongeBob himself? I mean, I know so far we've only had 5 episodes (or 10 segments) since Sponge Out Of Water, but already we've had Squid Plus One, The Executive Treatment, Pull Up A Barrel, What's Eating Patrick? and...
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    Are There 2 Patrick's? So we know that around Season 7 or so, Patrick did become more of a jerk. In a few episodes, he just did random stupid things for no reason but because the plot said so (looking at you, "Smoothe Jazz In...
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    Quite Possibly The Worst SpongeBob Design I've Seen

    This was originally gonna be posted in The Dump, but I felt it was worthy of an actual discussion So I was in a DVD shop just doing some browsing, when I came across this And I honestly just couldn't believe how much they changed SpongeBob's design in this new version of the DVD cover...
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    Did Paramount Steal My Idea?

    So recently, I've been watching Paramount's "SpongeBob and Patrick Around The World" series, and couldn't help but notice the similarities it had with my "Patrick's Roadtrip" series. It could just be a coincidence, but considering my "Patrick's Roadtrip To Nickelodeon Land" video has more than a...
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    Theories From The Bottom: All Crabs Are Naturally Cheap

    So we all know how cheap and money-loving Mr. Krabs is. But what if, perhaps, all crabs (or almost all crabs) are as money-loving as he is? Throughout the series, we don't really see many other crabs besides relatives of his. But when we do, they're usually portrayed as equally cheap as Mr...
  13. SBRoxMan

    Theories From The Bottom: The Fry-Cook Games Are Ran By Murderers

    Well, I'm gonna try and start my own SpongeBob theories, as some I've seen on this forum are quite interesting So for my first theory, are the people who organised and ran the fry cook games actually murderers? We all know the "fish sticks" joke in the episode. But when you think about it, how...
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    Does The Internet Exist In Bikini Bottom?

    Technology in SpongeBob has always been mixed from old to new, like record players to giant flat-screen televisions (in "Karate Star"). Whilst we've seen computers in SpongeBob various times, I've never seen a character surf the internet in the show Which raises the titular question, does the...
  15. SBRoxMan

    Joke I Never Understood....

    So this particular joke I never quite understood. Was it to imply that SpongeBob stole Squidward's cable television? Did he cut Squidward's cable to try and get him to go to his party? Either way, it seems completely out-of-character for SpongeBob to intentionally cut Squidward's cable
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    The Simpsons: Lisa's Cyber-Bully

    So I wrote this for the Nickelodeon Writing Programme, but since it didn't get accepted, I see no harm in showing it here THE SIMPSONS The episode starts with a view of The Simpsons’ House, cut to the inside where Bart and Lisa are sitting on the couch. Bart is concentrating on a video game...
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    What If "SpongeBob, You're Fired" Ended This Way?

    I was thinking earlier, it was pretty predictable that at the end of the episode, SpongeBob would get his job back at The Krusty Krab. After all, the writers usually hit the reset button at the end of each episode, or things just end the same way the episode started But, what if SpongeBob never...
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    Redeeming Qualities In Bad Episodes

    Okay, everyone has at least one episode they think isn't so great. This topic is to talk about scenes or anything else you might like in an otherwise not-so-great episode A Pal For Gary: SpongeBob is undeniably the dumbest he's ever been in this episode, as well as a jerk to Gary. However, at...
  19. SBRoxMan

    Blackjack Ending

    One thing I've been constantly wondering ever since this episode first aired is, why is Blackjack so small at the end of the episode? He was shown as a giant in flashbacks, so it's certainly not like he's always been small, so what exactly could have caused him to shrink to the size of...
  20. SBRoxMan

    Jerry the Jellyfish So.... it's not SpongeBob, but rather an animation that took me 4 months to create. It's the story of a jellyfish trying to make just one friend despite his sting after being kicked out of the jellyfish swarm