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  1. hfjs

    Useless Talents

    Got any? I can raise my eyebrows really fast....that's kinda...the only thing I'm good at
  2. hfjs

    The Far Side

    Anyone ever heard of the Far Side? You've probably seen at least one of these panels somewhere, but you never knew what it was form, Diss-kuss,
  3. hfjs

    MMM's 30 Day Drawing Challenge (Food)

    alright, I was running out of drawing ideas so I came up with this Probably won't keep on track of this, but i'll just give it a whirl. so wish me luck I guess
  4. hfjs

    Regarding character abuse in cartoons/movies, etc.

    Widely controversial subject as of late, most notably among the internet community. What do you guys think? It is easy to get invested in these characters, but i'm mostly aiming for cartoons in's a cartoon, man. It's stupidly far away from being real. Especially if it's a slapstick...
  5. hfjs

    Dunkan TV and the TV Infection: a story by MMM circa 2011

    so I found this and left in all the typos ----------------------------- Mr, Vartino lives in an Arizona neighborhood. He has 2 kids, Evo Evo and Dunkan TV. He thinks Dunkan TV is EXCRUCIATING since the only thing he does is watch TV$. One day Mr. Vartino kicks Dunkan TV out of the house. But...
  6. hfjs

    Should all school buses use seatbelts?

    This is a topic that's been thrown around a lot in the past few years. For me, probably yes. There's been a bunch of accident reports and a bunch of kids doing stupid, sure. Yeah, it's restrictive, and younger kids may not know how, so I can see some people. But, what do you think...
  7. hfjs

    You know what I realized?

    I'm being serious here. The background characters in Season 9.2 have a lot more depth. Let's look at two prime examples. -Norton, the mailman, in Squid Plus One. His introverted personality and his self awareness, his struggle with socialization. -Scott, the public transportation driver, in...
  8. hfjs

    Rocko's Modern Life

    JOLLY GOOD SHOW It's long gone, but discuss it here.
  9. hfjs

    an idea is the most resilient parasite

  10. hfjs

    Is the glass half empty or half full?

    An age old question. What do you think? For's half empty. :P
  11. hfjs

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens New Star Wars movie in a few months. the end
  12. hfjs

    Horror filmmaker Wes Craven dead from brain cancer

    A number of you have probably never heard of him, but he created some of the most classic and fine horror films there are. He's had a great and long career, he even created Nightmare on Elm Street and the Scream series. There are also the lesser known ones such as The Hills Have Eyes, but this...
  13. hfjs

    Favorite main meal?

    No, snacks or crossover meals don't count. I prefer breakfast because there's so many delicious foods it has to offer, and it's at the start of the day (mainly aiming for weekends). Even at the start of a school day, it's pretty relaxing, and that's saying LOTS. You guys?
  14. hfjs

    Imagine SpongeBob looking like this This was Stephen Hillenburg's first student film, in 1991. Then again, it was for Experimental Animation, but I still want you guys to just imagine. :P
  15. hfjs

    School Discussion Thread

    Didn't see a recent thread. So, some of us are starting school, some of us have cruddy school systems and started a couple weeks ago, and some of us have several weeks of vacation left. But, discuss your schedule, complains, positives, past experiences and more! ----------------------- I'm in...
  16. hfjs

    Find #1 song on your birthday (listen to it if you want I guess) Just like ssj's topic, but with music. Listen to it if you want and tell us your thoughts, maybe shouldn't post the music videos in case of NSFW. ------------ For starters, the #1 song on my birthday was... 50 Cent's "In Da Club" mmph
  17. hfjs

    The Adventures of Squidward and Ice Bear

    The Adventures of Squidward and Ice Bear created by President Squidward and BMC written by President Squidward, BMC, MMM, Vivid Kiss, Idiot Friend, and Kaijusaurus Rex title card by BMC additional comics drawn by Grubby Grouper based on characters created by Daniel Chong and Stephen Hillenburg...
  18. hfjs

    Favorite screen ratio?

    Standard def or wide screen (or super wide) for stuff like TV and video games? I'm fine with any, personally.
  19. hfjs

    The Ultimate SBM Ship Harbor

    Rushed it really badly, but hey
  20. hfjs

    "Pez Dispensers" Feature Film announced (glares at the Lego Movie) I dunno, man.... What do you guys think?