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  1. spongebranch

    SpongeBob Localization Thread

    You can post localized title cards, time cards, lower thirds, burned on subtitles, interstitial titles, intro assets (aka "textless assets"), etc. from foreign dubs of SpongeBob. for example: Here's a title card from the French dub of SpongeBob feel free to post examples you have:
  2. spongebranch

    Nicktoons' episodic rotation of SpongeBob throughout the years.

    UPDATED! Of course these episodes listed may not be listed in production order and some info may be inaccurate but you can feel free to reply with more info if you remember when an episode started airing on Nicktoons regularly. 2002 (channel launch) Help Wanted/Reef Blower/Tea at the Treedome...
  3. spongebranch

    Make up unused APM cues in SpongeBob episodes

    Here we make up scenarios of APM tracks that were originally going to be used in episodes of SpongeBob but were replaced with another in the final cut. Actual fun fact: Gary Takes a Bath was originally going to have Hawaiian Train as title card music but it was replaced with Nostalgic Hawaii in...
  4. spongebranch

    My fan-made SpongeBob title cards and blank backgrounds

    These will include blanks with every one. I made these in Paint.NET and Inkscape with love. These will show off my bizzare and even nostalgic (you may recognize some of these fonts from kids products and packaging from when you were younger) collection of fonts i've downloaded/installed on my...
  5. spongebranch

    Background character naming thread.

    Let's give names to all of the background fish (except for Fred who can pretty much be named Fred and 34-Day which are pretty much stock distant characters to draw small characters to save budget on detailed distance.)
  6. spongebranch

    Foreign Countries getting SpongeBob episodes before the USA?

    Examples: Greece finished airing Season 9a by Mid-2013, before any other country would. Germany got the last pre-movie episodes in September 2003, before the USA eventually did in 2004 Australia got the "Friend or Foe" episode in November 2006 before it aired in the USA Many season 4 episodes...
  7. spongebranch

    Episodes rarely aired in countries?

    Over in the USA, Valentine's Day/The Paper and Scaredy Pants/I Was a Teenage Gary are rare episodes that only air at least once a year. The double length episodes aren't usually aired regularly and only aired on special days. On Nickelodeon France, several episodes are skipped, including many...