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  1. GordokTheMad

    Top 20 Worst Spongebob Episodes voted by fans

    It turns out that Illiniguy34 finished making his fan edition and uploaded it to Youtube! Here are Parts 1 & 2 if you wanna watch (BEWARE: LANGUAGE AHEAD!!): There are some pretty interesting choices here...
  2. GordokTheMad

    Amusement Rides

    I was wondering where to put this, but then I realized that Nautical Nonsense would be the PERFECT place! Talk about some Amusement Park rides that you like (or dislike) here! I absolutely LOVE this particular ride (The Thunderbolt), and it might be my favorite. It's like a tornado...
  3. GordokTheMad

    The Worst Episodes of Any Show You've Ever Seen?

    I know there's already a topic like this, but I wanted to revive it without bumping the other one, so what are some of the worst TV show episodes you've ever seen? I have a few of my own: Seahorse Seashell Party (Family Guy), Fart Baby (Sanjay and Craig), It's A Wishful LIfe (Fairly...
  4. GordokTheMad

    Gordok's Bottom 37 Spongebob Episodes

    Hello, everyone. While the 25 Worst/Best list is still running, I'm making a new list to keep you all occupied in the process. This was inspired by Mr Enter's Animated Atrocities Note Pages, so I decided to make some myself. Now, I've made a note page for EVERY Spongebob episode I have a real...
  5. GordokTheMad

    You Request, and I give a detailed review on it! (REVIVED)

    Yes, I have decided to do this again. All you have to do is request a certain episode, and I'll give a review on it. But this one's a little different. Rather than just getting to the point right then and there, I'm going to give a full, detailed critique on it, and give you my full opinion on...
  6. GordokTheMad

    The Splinter or Slide Whistle Stooges?

    So, which is worse? I choose Slide Whistle Stooges. Not because of the slide whistles themselves. It's mostly because of how mean this episode is to Squidward, what with the Bikini Bottomites cheering for his death, even though he only mildly annoyed them, and the fact that somehow Spongebob and...
  7. GordokTheMad

    Share your Spore Creatures!

    Hello everyone! I'm not sure exactly where to put this, but here it is! This is where you can share your creations (buildings, creatures, vehicles, etc.) from the wonderful video game, Spore! You can even add descriptions to your creations if you want! :D Here are some of mine: These are a...
  8. GordokTheMad

    Petition to ban the Spongebob Episode 'One Coarse Meal'

    Someone made a petition to ban the infamous 'One Coarse Meal' from TV. Would anyone like to participate? (BTW, I didn't make this petition. Someone else did it, and as a nice favor for them (and because I want the episode itself banned), I'm just spreading the word.)
  9. GordokTheMad

    Top 30 Worst Spongebob Episodes 3rd Edition (inspired by MoBros' Studios) (a 3rd edition to his Top

    Well, illiniguy34 has updated his account with ANOTHER edition of his least favorite episodes, but this time, with THIRTY bad episodes! Will you agree with his newest list? Let's see! (WARNING: There's a LOT of swearing in the first two parts (he hasn't finished the 3rd part yet), just so you...
  10. GordokTheMad

    SBM's Top 25 Worst/Best Spongebob Episodes

    Greetings to SBM users everywhere! A while ago, I had made a Fan Edition of the Top 20 Worst Spongebob Episodes. This time around, however, I’m here to release a 2nd Fan Edition! Is it another Top 20? Nope. In fact, this is actually a Top 50, sort of. This here is a two-part countdown, the first...
  11. GordokTheMad

    SBM's Top 25 Worst/Best Spongebob Episodes (VOTING CLOSED)

    Greetings to SBM users everywhere! A while ago, I had created a Top 20 WORST Spongebob Episodes, as a Fan Voted countdown. But today, I want to do something special by doing another countdown. But rather than a Top 20, I want to do a Top 50! That’s right, I will be composing and reviewing 50...
  12. GordokTheMad

    My NEW Top 20 WORST Spongebob Episodes!

    Hello there. A few months ago, I made a Top 20 Worst Spongebob Episodes list. A while later, I started thinking about making a second edition. The reason I’m making a second edition is because; one, after watching some of these episodes again, I realized they weren’t as bad as I once thought...
  13. GordokTheMad

    You request, I review!

    NOTE: Don't worry, I'll finish my Season 6-7 comparison, I just want to take a crack at this. Yes, I am really doing this. Keep in mind that I am NOT trying to copy Big Meaty Claws' topic, I'm just posting a request/review topic alone. All you have to do, is ask me to review a certain episode...
  14. GordokTheMad

    Why are people constantly talking trash about Spongebob?

    Almost everywhere I go, when it comes to a topic involving New Spongebob, I always see comments that constantly bash Spongebob himself. I’m talking about comments that constantly say negative things about Spongebob. I’m not referring to when people have called him a crybaby, or an annoying pest...
  15. GordokTheMad

    Season 6 and 7 Comparison

    Hello, boys and girls and welcome to my Season Comparison Topic. Here, I’m going to compare each and every episode of Season 6 and 7 to see which one is better, and which one is worse. I got the idea to do this comparison when I saw TropicalNards112233’s comparison...
  16. GordokTheMad

    Nyan Krabs Obey Nyan Krabs. He wants MOAR rainbow cookies!
  17. GordokTheMad

    Top Ten Worst Spongebob Episodes (Inspired by MoBros' Studios)

    I was surfing the web one day when I found a list of this guy's Top 10 Worst Spongebob Episodes, and I decided to share it, since it seemed rather interesting. (WARNING: THIS VIDEO HAS BAD LANGUAGE, SO VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!!!) Oh, and this was not made by me...
  18. GordokTheMad

    Spandy, Kruff, Mindrik, or Squidia

    So, I was wondering, which couple do you prefer, and which would you want to see on the show? :) This is hard, but I would say Squidia.
  19. GordokTheMad

    Creepypasta: Squid's Visit - Alternate Version

    WARNING: The Following Creepypasta Contains: Violence Graphic and/or Unnerving Images References or Depictions of Blood/Death Dark and/or Disturbing Imagery Viewer Discretion is Advised Yes, I’m writing my first creepypasta about Spongebob, as a Halloween story. This is my very first one, so...
  20. GordokTheMad

    Does anybody like/play World of Warcraft?

    I'm just wondering if anyone at SBM likes to play World of Warcraft or not. Yeah... Just curious.