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  1. Am I the only one who thinks Spongebob's 20th anniversary seems...forced?

    I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm happy for the show and the current crew who's worked on it for lasting that long, but to me the 20th anniversary seems so artificial, especially since it was supposed to end long before even its 10th anniversary. From my perspective, the show didn't last this long...
  2. Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

    A bit off-topic but...... Still waiting for these episodes to be updated on Google Play in Canada.................... No contact info for distributors in Canada, can't email Viacom..... So frustrated.
  3. Updated SpongeBob Episodes in Google Play Canada

    That's great that the Amazon prints are updated! But like I said, the full version of Prime Video isn't available here. That includes any and all SpongeBob episodes that are available in the American store :( Also, I don't mean to be rude, but I don't see how the erroneous off-color DVD...
  4. Updated SpongeBob Episodes in Google Play Canada

    Welp... I give up. I tried contacting Viacom directly, and for some reason they won't let me send my email on their contact form. As SpongeBob said in "The Sponge Who Could Fly", I guess some dreams aren't meant to come true. Back to reality.
  5. Updated SpongeBob Episodes in Google Play Canada

    It's been 5 days. No response from anyone
  6. Updated SpongeBob Episodes in Google Play Canada

    How bout no. The Canadian masters aren't all that special. We have the Something Smells audio glitch, various outdated versions of each episode, some of the episodes are stretched vertically, etc. The only benefit to them is we have the Just One Bite deleted scene. If these were the only...
  7. Updated SpongeBob Episodes in Google Play Canada

    I've made an attempt to contact YTV (essentially the Canadian version of the Nickelodeon TV channel) through email asking who I can speak to regarding digital distribution of Nickelodeon shows. Basically i wanna know the right person to talk to before i say anything. I've yet to get a response...
  8. Updated SpongeBob Episodes in Google Play Canada

    I just found out the the updated episodes from iTunes and Prime Video are now available in HD (season 3 at least), and are also on Google Play.... in the states Here in Canada, we still have the old versions of the episodes in their low quality, artifact-ridden, desaturated and cut...
  9. Procrastination uncut version now on Prime Video

    I'm sure it's the same version as the one on iTunes, i.e. not the DVD version
  10. Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

    Looks like seasons 4 and 5 are starting to get the fancy new coat of paint seasons 2 and 3 had... I will, hopefully, when I have the time
  11. SpongeBob renewed for Season 13

    tbh I'm kinda disappointed. but not surprised. Mostly because the show's mini "post-sequel resurgence" seems like it's already dying out.
  12. Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

    Update: As of now, "Your Shoe's Untied / Squid's Day Off" and "Something Smells / Bossy Boots" have been updated. And thus I can officially confirm these are brand new, updated prints and not just the international versions plastered on because the "Something Smells" audio error is not there, on...
  13. Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

    Not true, sadly. The remaining 6 episodes have yet to be updated.
  14. Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

    I mentioned earlier that I checked various season 2 episodes, and they don't have the comet tail.
  15. Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

    Then I guess the iTunes prints aren't international prints.
  16. Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

    I've checked various "updated" season 2 episodes and have yet to see the comet tail logo. From what I recall, though, not all pre-movie international episodes have the Nickelodeon logo, it's mostly season 3 and beyond from what I remember. But I might be totally wrong. Unfortunately, I only...
  17. Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

    Various episodes, but not all, have been upscaled to pillarboxed widescreen with MUCH improved quality. Here's an overview of which episodes (the ones with the black bars in the preview thumbnails): Sadly, Survival of the Idiots and Dumped haven't been updated (yet?). But who knows...