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    *insert generic self promotion here*

    [generic self promo here] I recently played some SpongeBob Doodlepants on my other channel on youtube, feel free to check it out.
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    sorry for shouting
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    hello (ama)

    its been a while, i finally logged in again. i guess this is an AMA post wahoo
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    my last post.

    hey everyone, its nolyn. this is gonna be my last post here and i can not give details why. i had a very fun time here and hope when im older to come back. wishing everyone well and hoping that sbc heals. bye - nolyn
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    How can we improve/better SBM?

    Just what the title says.
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    is this loss?

    @everyoneiscool2500 wait i did @ everyone and it turns into some dudes user
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    Post the most RANDOM JUNK for a video

    please and thank you. I'll start. Edit: Keep it clean to be in the video also thank
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    Does anyone remember this?

    I recently remembered today that the old around 2009 nick website let you make a character and do stuff and there was some movie theater where they would play Penguins of Madagascar and Spongebob and Fanboy and Chum Chum clips on repeat. Anyone remember this?, and also can we try to find a pic...
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    Is my YT upload schedule good?

    So I just want to know if my schedule is good. I want to upload 2 videos per week, one plush and one gaming. I think this should be good enough because in 2 weeks I would have 4 videos pumped out. But it also depends on if i'm on vacation, busy, or more. Thoughts? sorry for double post
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    Anyone like roblox?

    oof but legit anyone play it?, ive been playing since 2013 and love it. I am getting tired of the games on the front page tho.
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    Bubble Bass' Order made into a real sandwich! This dude is amazing, sub to him please. Edit: If anyone already made this post I will delete
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    My plush video I made, Thoughts and feedback?

    So I made a plush video and I want some feedback for the future because I might start doing this as a hobby. Thanks a ton, - Nolyn
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    Favorite cartoons other than SpongeBob

    So what is your favorite show other than SB?, I love Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends and Clarence. Clarence has this feel of just a kid being a kid and I can relate. The humor is legit: "I think that frogs dead." "I'll give you a dollar if you eat it!" "Done." Which just throws me back to...
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    My new sig

    homemade sig
  15. Nolyn_Spongebob_Fan

    Spongebob Movie Website Commercial So this is some ad I found for the SB Movie Website!. Pretty neat. also BOB PUT ON YOUR PANTS
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    Reply to this post with anything random for a video.

    So I want to make a video and it's every reply I get on this post. So post anything random to be a on vid I guess. It can be Spongebob but keep it all clean though. Also suggest music for the vid, i'll pick whats best. :wetpaint: Edit, also you can use a random vid just make sure it apply's...
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    What my friend recently did to me...

    So I have this friend, lets call him Jimbo to cover up his name. Now I used to play with his brother a ton, lets call him stupid idiot who started to ignore me after a long friendship Bob. Now Jimbo's brother Bob was my best friend until he got more friends and started to ignore and not like me...
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    Post stupid Spongebob pics that made you really laugh

    Just stupid sb pics that made you laugh!, I'll start.
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    Thread for pics of your Dog

    Post pics of your dog! Also whats your fav dog? :sbthumbs: :whoo:
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    A post for Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends stuff

    I LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK! so basically I found this show on Hulu, watched a ton of it, got my niece into it and finished and and I am rewatching it rn post quotes, what you like about the show, and whatever relates to it :yes: