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    What happened to SBM?

    I’ve been off for a really long time, and I come back to see this... Is this a new screen or something? Because the home screen is the only one that still has the artwork I was used to seeing.
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    SpongeBob renewed for Season 13

    Hang on Season 1: 1-20 (20 episodes) Season 2: 21-40 (20 episodes) Season 3: 41-60 (20 episodes) Season 4: 61-80 (20 episodes) Season 5: 81-100 (20 episodes) Season 6: 101-126 (26 episodes) Season 7: 127-152 (26 episodes) Season 8: 153-178 (26 episodes) Season 9: 179-204 (26 episodes) Season...
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    237. Goons on the Moon

    Does not make this the first special to feature him?
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    Stephen Hillenburg Passes Away at 57

    This hit hard, but at least he’s in a good place What does this mean for the show’s future?
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    Do you think there will be a Season 13?

    Hmm Season 1: 1-20 2: 21-40 3: 41-60 4: 61-80 5: 81-100 6: 101-126 7: 127-152 8: 153-178 9: 179-204 10: 205-215 11: 216-241 12: 242-267 If Season 13 is real and has 26 episodes it will span episodes 268-293. Which is 7 episodes off from 300.
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    20th Anniversary in a Few Months

    A multi part story could work, the show has never had one of those before.
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    426-450 (Bunny Hunt-Library Cards)

    I am now officially back, and so is the Series. Thanks to the recent releases of Plankton Paranoia and Library Cards, I now have enough to make a poll for episodes 426-450, but Call the Cops has to miss out due to being episode 451 and will therefore be part of the 451-475 poll. So what I’m...
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    Last Letter SBM Game

    Nautical Nonsense This seems like an advanced version of one of the topics I made.
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    Pinned thread Upcoming Episode Talk

    You’re not the first to say that :)
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    Pinned thread Hey yo! It's survey time! **2000 QUESTIONS**

    304. Have you ever been spit on? Yes, a few times.
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    What are your guy's opinion on The First 100 Episodes DVD Set?

    Should there be a Second 100 (House Fancy-Goodbye, Krabby Patty?) Episodes DVD?
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    Pinned thread Post Random Pictures

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    Colour the Character

    It’s hard to explain: What I’m saying is like this... What do you associate the colour yellow with? The usual answer are happiness, bright and joyful. Which character do you think matches them words? I hope that I explained it well enough.