Hey guys I'm Adrian, my choosen nickname for SBMANIA is Zimmy11, I am clearly a fan of SpongeBob, but in the way of me telling you that, shows how much. Anyways, my other top cartoon contenders are FOP (yes I even tend to enjoy the majority of the new episodes like) Simpsons and Gravity Falls to an extent.<br /><br />Now to just simply explain about me, I've got mosiac trisomy eight, which is a disability to do with pains in my legs and arms which only hurt when I use them too much without medication (in which I take at least 4 per day)<br /><br />Without a doubt, my most popular post as of now is Think Again, which is a story idea I thought up, and I've got members helping me out there. It turns out that I also make way more stories where that came from, I'm not going to go into grave detai and instead break them down just to save time and space (I'm a Whovian ). So I've made 123 comic stories and counting, these are part of my very own thought up company called drawbreakers. Others are, Toastspotter (a detective saga), a collection of pamphlets that give you advice on whatever you're struggling on, Salty Beach (a Horredy story) and last but not least my internet based stories.<br /><br />I sure wish I could talk more about them and go into more detail but that'll take a very long time, however I will say that it all started way back in 2012 on 16th October. I've already made a few friends, but I'm sure there'll be more to come in my oncoming future here, I wish you all a good day (whatever day it is) -Zimmy11
Jan 9, 1999 (Age: 21)
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