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    Steins; Gate - Life Changing

    Trust me on this one guys, the anime "Steins; Gate" is truly something to behold as a masterpiece. Give it a try, (the dub is excellent) even if you're not an anime fan :sbthumbs: . I'll leave the details minimum, because it's better to experience it your self, but in short - it's a story of a...
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    You Wanna Know What Makes Me Mad More Then Anything Else?

    Agreed! Personally, I don't think there's any argument that the first three seasons can't be topped, but that doesn't mean everything else should be completely ignored!
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    Episodes You Thought Were In a Different Season

    Not sure if anyone else said this, but I would've bet my life on Skill Crane and The Lost Mattress being pre-movie episodes. Probably because I automatically relate the most memorable episodes to this time period, but I now realize that season 4 had some pretty awesome episodes.
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    Which episode do you want to see more/less?

    Agreed, I'd also like to see the winter-themed episodes more often. Definitely SpongeBob's House Party
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    Are there any episodes of the show that aired first on your birthday?

    Gramma's Secret Recipe. There are tons of others only a day off, but that one's right on.
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    We can't ask for the show to return to its roots.

    Exactly, what really made the show special, like you said, was its original humor that relied on nothing but extremely well written jokes and hilarious visuals. And yeah, with Hillenburg at the very least giving input and ideas, there's sure to be a noticable change.
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    We can't ask for the show to return to its roots.

    That's a great way to put it! :D I agree that it's completely possible for a whole new team of writers to unexpectedly sweep in and give the show a whole new atmosphere, and I believe slowly the atmosphere is altering. :) Like you said, the show doesn't have to be exactly the way it was in the...
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    We can't ask for the show to return to its roots.

    My feelings exactly! I only wish more people would have an open mind and give the newer episodes a chance.
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    We can't ask for the show to return to its roots.

    I think it's probably because things started to change after he left, which isn't accurate because he left at the same time as many of the writers. But yeah, I agree, even Hillenburg himself admitted the writers were a huge part of what made the show what it is. That's why I'm equally as...
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    We can't ask for the show to return to its roots.

    Okay, so I was just giving this some thought. Often when people hate on the newer episodes It's because of Nostalgia. Most of these people can't help but look back and long for the old personality and genius storytelling that some may say has dwindled post-movie. Think about it this way, if...
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    Episodes that you dislike that everyone else likes

    Wow, I expected to see hate on some of the post movie episodes, but some of you guys are hating on the classics! Unbelievable =/
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    Production resumes on TV episodes

    I couldn't be more excited about this. I've been waiting for Hillenburg to return, new writers to be hired, and an overall new era in the show. I have a good feeling about it all! :clapping:
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    SpongeBob SquarePants Is "A Bully"

    It makes me sad that some people can't see just how amazing this show really is. I'm not angry at anyone, but instead I pity them for not getting to enjoy everything that makes SpongeBob 100% Awesome.
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    Most overrated classic spongebob episodes

    None, They're all funny :P
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    Nickelodeon's Avatar/The Legend of Korra

    I so badly miss the original avatar show. The Legend of Korra is a good show, but the same feeling just isn't there. The character development, story arcs, and art is top notch. Easily one of the best shows of all time.