<p>Well, I'm PoliticalPatrick... not much to say, but I do like Spongebob alot, and I enjoy posting on SpongeBuddy Mania. I'm online mostly every day, so if you want to chat, feel free!</p>
Jan 11, 2006 (Age: 14)
My Rock.


Ratings: Gold, Great, Good, Average, Meh, Bad, Abysmal, Scumbob
Season 1 - Good
Season 2 - Great
Season 3 - Good
Season 4 - Good
Season 5 - Good
Season 6 - Scumbob
Season 7 - Abysmal
Season 8 - Average
Season 9A - Average
Season 9B - Good
Season 10 (So far) - Good

:sbdance:Favourite Episode per Season
Season 1: Pizza Delivery/ Arrgh!
Season 2: Band Geeks/ Dumped
Season 3: The Camping Episode/ Chocolate With Nuts
Season 4: The Lost Matress/ Skill Crane
Season 5: Spy Buddies/ Krabs a la Mode
Season 6: Overbooked/ Sand Castles in the Sand
Season 7: The Abrasive Side/ Earworm
Season 8: Hello Bikini Bottom!/ Face Freeze!
Season 9A: Don't Look Now/ Evil Spatula
Season 9B: Goodbye, Krabby Patty?/ Patrick! The Game
Season 10 (So far): Krusty Katering/ Snooze You Lose

:patboo: Least Favourite Episode per Season
Season 1: I Was A Teenage Gary/ Jellyfishing
Season 2: I'm With Stupid/ Squirrel Jokes
Season 3: The Great Snail/ Party Pooper Pants
Season 4: The Thing/ Good Neighbours
Season 5: To Love a Patty/ Breath of Fresh Squidward
Season 6: Choir Boys/ Cephalopod Lodge
Season 7: One Coarse Meal/ A Pal For Gary
Season 8: Pet Sitter Pat/ Free Samples
Season 9A: Squid Baby/ Little Yellow Book
Season 9B: The Fish Bowl/ The Whole Tooth
Season 10 (So far): Code Yellow/ Mimic Madness