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  1. The Fast Food Questionaire!

    Wendy's by far has the best burgers. Swiss Chalet has the best chicken and chicken sauce. McD's actually has really, really good fries. They're overly salty but I don't care. Haven't cared about fast food place toys in years but I liked how McDonald's had something interesting every month...
  2. The 2017 Topic

    Honestly it's picked up since summer began. First half was pretty bad except for February and I'd be lying if I said the other half so far is great, but I can see myself reminiscing 2017 when it's done.
  3. What is the weather currently like in your area?

    14 Celsius, this is the highest it's gonna get today.
  4. Pinned thread Episode or Episode

    KBBB Unreal Estate or The Sewers of Bikini Bottom
  5. Am I the Only One Who Likes to Eat While My Show Is On?

    No, I do it because I like multitasking and it's just fun.
  6. Favourite colour?

    Orange, but not a very dark kind.
  7. Pinned thread Episode or Episode

    Krusty Towers Procrastination or Nautical Novice
  8. What movie are you most excited for in November?

    Ooooh, Murder on the Orient Express. Coco also looks really fun.
  9. What strange holidays fall on your birthday?

    -Get Over It Day -Barbie Day -World Kidney Day (out of context, this one is by far the weirdest)
  10. The Halloween Topic: 2017 Edition

    I guess I'll go with the Trick-or-treating this year, but I'm not doing it next year. I'm just gonna reuse a costume I wore some previous Halloween. Really, most candy I get will be leftovers from my house! :sorcerer:
  11. Lays: Every flavor of potato chip.

    Ketchup, Salt + Vinegar, Regular flavour, Sour Cream + Onion
  12. Spaghetti with knife/fork or spoon/fork?

    What Cake said. Only a fork for spaghetti, lasagna's wayyyy too messy for just that though.
  13. How are your school grades?

    My college grades are pretty good, mostly As over everything else. It's really an improvement over what I got most of the time in high school.
  14. Do You Have Any Warning Points?

    Having one warning point doesn't faze me, I like being a bad boy. End of story.
  15. Pinned thread What are you listening to?

    Heat of the Night - Bryan Adams