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    162. Ghoul Fools

    HIGHLIGHT:The song (especially the instrumentals) LOWLIGHT:The donut gag This is imo one of the most solid episodes of season 8, a very good episode with cool designs and a fun song snuck in there 9/10 excellent episode
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    122b. Single Cell Anniversary

    highlight:luh vuh lowlight: karen at the krusty krab was kinda boring this episode imo is pretty solid, one of the most heartwarming spongebob episodes that i ever seen 8/10 good episode
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    131a. Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful

    HIGHLIGHT:Squidward's walk cycle LOWLIGHT:its so bad that its good i dont get this episode, i mean the cop slapping tickets on squidwards face was pretty funny and the music of it is pretty good but the episode kinda gets repeptitive for a while after the first minutes, but its kinda fun 6/10-...
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    145b. Enchanted Tiki Dreams

    HIGHLIGHT:"I've never felt this happy in my life!" -squidward LOWLIGHT:n/a this episode is so fun and creative. i have never been this happy at a spongebob episode since arrgh!, seeing squidward be happy and have fun in the tiki land is just so fun, I LOVE THIS EPISODE 100/10- A PERFECT EPISODE
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    119a. Gullible Pants

    HIGHLIGHT: n/a LOWLIGHT: ITS SO DULL AND BORING seriously this is one of the most boring episodes of all spongebob, i really have nothing to say about it, its gross, annoying and not funny 0/10- ATROCIOUS EPISODE :patboo:
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    145a. Buried in Time

    HIGHLIGHT:EVERYTHING IS CHROME IN THE FUTURE! LOWLIGHT:Plankton eating the formula and.... EWWWWW This episode is pretty good,many of the jokes work, there's a man ray style magazine in the background which is pretty neat AND EVERYTHING IS CHROME IN THE FUTURE 7/10-A very good episode
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    172a. Face Freeze!

    HIGHLIGHT:mr krabs and the irony (because he made a face when he said not to make faces) LOWLIGHT:This episode is kinda boring I may find this episode good in some ways but its just not that good so i can consider one of my favorites, Some faces were funny and others were just uncreative and...
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    181b. Squid Baby

    HIGHLIGHT:Spongebob and patrick actually care about squidward's condition LOWLIGHT: Squidwards diaper.... ewww..... By heavens this episode is bad, i mean compared to all other episodes of the season this is one of the worst, its stupid, boring and gross 1/10-ATROCIOUS EPISODE
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    New Episode - "The Incredible Shrinking Sponge" (December 2)

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    211b. Trident Trouble

    Highlight:The ice cream geyser (I legit had to pause the episode in order to laugh at that joke) And the greek chorus Lowlight:The Trident itself is kinda of annoying Holy crap, this episode is so awesome, it is legit one of the funniest episodes of spongebob i have ever seen since "Wet...
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    220. The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom

    this episode is genius im my opinion, all of the character were funny and in character and the scare song is easily one of my favorite songs of the episode, i have a minor nitpick tho, how does the flying dutchman does not know who spongebob is, its kinda weird but eh. *9.9/10*
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    225a. Cuddle E. Hugs

    This episode is ummm.... disturbing to say the least spongebob meeting a new best imaginary friend could be an intresting plot but this is just terrible, i legit hated the episode and i never felt so uncomfortable in an episode since to love a patty the music of the episode did not help it...
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    222a. Krabby Patty Creature Feature

    Pretty great episode that reminds me of season 8 the krabby patty that ate bikini bottom and planet of the jellyfish, the animation is pretty clever and that ending with patrick i did not expected and was surprised. one of the only problems with the episode is that it is not THAT funny, but the...
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    Pinned thread Favorite Episode

    SEASON 1: arrgh! SEASON 2: sailor mouth SEASON 3: wet painters SEASON 4: dunces and dragons SEASON 5: spy buddies SEASON 6: idk, probably single cell anniversary SEASON 7: also idk,probably krusty dogs or enchanted tiki dreams SEASON 8: Sweet and sour squid SEASON 9: Plankton's pet SEASON 10...