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    Good, Meh, or ScumBob

    Good Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy II
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    Highlight of the Episode

    The final battle with Master Udon, especially considering that the fights before him were pushovers for Sandy, and that he was really tough. Anyway, Squeaky Boots
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    Pinned thread Season 10 Discussion

    Alright, I'll rank every episode of the season from worst to best, since there aren't too many episodes to talk about. 23. Plankton Gets the Boot Reasoning: You know how Plankton got more likeable at around Season 4 - 9? I feel like this episode wanted to make Plankton as unlikable as possible...
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    Describe The Episode In 1 Word

    CHRISTMAS! Sing a Song of Patrick
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    Guess the Quote!

    Pressure Also, no. "Oh why must every eleven minutes of my life, be with misery? WHA-HA-HA-HY?!"
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    Good, Meh, or ScumBob

    Scumbob (Yeah,) Whale of a BIrthday
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    144a. That Sinking Feeling

    I think it's alright. There isn't much of a story, and Squidward gets abuse a bit, but I find a lot of the jokes they tell pretty funny (especially the Dig Dug reference). Not the best of the season, but not the worst either. 6 Shovels out of 10, would rather watch Chum Caverns and Wishing You...
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    Pinned thread Spell the Episode

    I'm pretty sure your referring to "The Battle of Bikini Bottom"
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    Pinned thread Spell the Episode

    Wait a minute, Isn't "Battle For Bikini Bottom" a game?
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    Pinned thread Last Letter SpongeBob Game

    The Two Faces of Squidward
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    Is Season 12 so far the worst Post Sequel Season?

    Thus far, I'd say that Season 12 is doing better. Episodes like Big Birthday Blowout and SpongeBob in Randomland are pretty funny, but others felt like one continuous joke that wore out their welcome. I'd say that either this season or the 10th is the worst Post-Post Movie season, but that's...
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    256a. SpongeBob in RandomLand

    I wonder how many people who don't know the Squidward Suicide Creepypasta will feel about the reference. With that mention out of the way, I like the episode. There are a lot of funny moments and it simply felt like an exciting episode. I might get some flak for this, but I think I'd watch...
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    Episodes you expected to be bad but turned out to be really good (and vice versa!)

    I'd say that a lot of general unpopular SpongeBob are ones that I like (A Pal for Gary and SpongeBob You're Fired). As for the good bad case, Hello Bikini Bottom!, no doubt.
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    What Do You Consider "The Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Series"?

    I'd say the episodes in the series are, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy I-VI (Of course) Mermaid Man VS Spongebob Shuffle Boarding Back to the Past The Bad Guy Club For Villains Mermaid Man Begins & Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up Is GO! Other episodes featuring Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy...