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    Grade the Cartoon Character Above

    8/10 Curious George
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    A Really Cute Overlooked Scene

    Squidward has shown that he cares in other eps as well such as SB129 and SOBB.
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    :cry: :no: OMG OMG I still had to go to school ooooooofy day..
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    Pinned thread Number Game

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    Which is the greatest.......

    "Back To The Future Part II" duhhh
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    Interview with Mr. Lawrence, the voice of Plankton

    :| "Stupid after the insanity of 9/11" Wow that dosen't sound too right but the rest of the interview was pretty intriguin.
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    Most forgettable episode from each season

    Season 1-3: I'm Your Biggest Fanatic Season 4: Chimps Ahoy Season 5- Umm a lot Season 6- Porous Pockets Season 7-Wreck Of The Mauno Loa Season 8-Sentimental Sponge Season 9-Squid Baby
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    Wow Wow Jeez
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    Is One Coarse Meal THAT FREAKING BAD?!?

    I hate the episode with a passion, but you have your opinions and people should just respect it and shouldn't bash and hate on you.
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    194b. The Sewers of Bikini Bottom

    IMO This episode was very well executed. It was pretty funny. The plot was very creative, and the ending was pretty funny as well. Not perfect but still very good. 8/10
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    Some questions from an official SB quiz on

    Hehe "Touch That Butt", "Twerking", "Donald Rump". Wow I'm actually imagining Mrs Puff twerking haha...
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    Pinned thread Spell the Episode

    Welcome to the Chum Bu
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    Rate the member above you

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    Hello, and welcome to the wonderful site of SBM..
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    Third SpongeBob movie to be released February 8th 2019

    I'm pretty excited for it, but does that mean the show will still be running in 2019? Just wondering.