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    Favorite Music Genres/Subgenres?

    I always fluctuate between rock (and its subgenres), rap, and EDM. Right now, it's EDM, my favorite genres being: Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Trap, Future Bass, Complextro, Uplifting Trance, Bass House, Future House, Progressive House, Riddim Dubstep, Melodic Dubstep, Brostep, Festival Trap, Big Room...
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    Confessions of an SBM Member

    Back from the dead for the millionth time. - I still unironically enjoy playing Call of Duty (Quickscoper and zombies player extraordinaire). - I still unironically enjoy playing Pokemon Go (Almost level 38. Pls send help). - I've poured milk before cereal for the longest time until barely last...
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    The Greatest Anime Ever

    I stand by my opinion when I say Seinfeld is the most underrated anime out there and Jerry Seinfeld is best waifu.
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    Unpopular opinions of yours

    - Bacon is the most overrated food in existence. - No matter how much people say it, I will still eat fast food and other "unhealthy foods". If it tastes good and fills my stomach one way or another, I'll eat it. I still work out and eat "healthy foods" to be at least diverse and somewhat...
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    Pinned thread What was the video game you recently played?

    Black Ops 3 and Megadimension Neptunia VII. I'm not ashamed to play Call of Duty because Zombies is still great. Neptunia is probably my favorite game in terms of lovable characters. I wouldn't recommend either to the kiddies, though. :P
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    Pinned thread What are you listening to?

    Vanic x Aquilo- Losing You
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    Do you consider yourself attractive?

    Nah. That's why I use the Internet to hide my utter hideousness.
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    YouTubers you miss

    SSoHPKC. Those who know him know how I feel.
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    Most Women Don't Play Video Games

    I wouldn't believe everything I read online. A lot of the time, there is bias, inaccuracy, hostility, exaggeration, generalization, or a lack of specificity to the point where it's hard to ever believe in any of these kinds of articles anymore. Also, I honestly don't see much of a big deal with...
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    Sandy Appreciation Thread

    Even after all this time, months after I lost interest in the show, Sandy remains my favorite character. Deserves so much more notoriety because the Krabs vs. Plankton and the SpongeBob/Patrick/Squidward episodes are just repetitive and boring at this point.
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    How would you want SpongeBob to end?

    Cliffhangers. Nothing more exhilarating.
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    SBM Praisebook 2015 **ADD/REMOVE PEOPLE**

    *sneaks in* I'm still here... for now. *sneaks back out*
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    Anime anyone?

    College peer pressure got me into anime... Yep.. My top 3 anime so far is: 1) Code Geass 2) Stein's Gate 3) Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood The only ongoing anime I'm currently watching are Fairy Tail and Nisekoi, and I'm planning on watching Fate/Zero. Totally recommend all the anime I've...
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    Thanks for the compliments! Hopefully it was believable and finale-esque. As for new fanfics, I'm not sure if I'm able to do another Spandy fic, since I'm no longer really into the show. College also ties my hands with Chinese fingertraps so finding the time to write anything will be really...