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    Do you act like yourself on SBM like you do in real life?

    nah, i am even worse in real life tbh
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    Moments in shows that scared you when you were younger

    That freaking toe-nail scene from House Fancy episode x|
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    I love them
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    Do you like pickles?

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    2019 New Year's Resolutions

    Meeting the love of my life (insert laughing crowd, never gonna happen) and just live my life and make it as good and happy as i can, yolo after all
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    What kind of shoes do you wear?

    CONVERSE ALL STAR mostly, love em!
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    Are you a picky eater?

    Not really, but I cannot stand mushrooms, dark chocolate, wasabi (aka. the worst food (?) , paste (?) to ever exist) , cauliflower, any meat that is made with pork (yes, and bacon) and....apples (i do like them if they are included in a drink or something). Oh and peanut butter (it tastes...
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    What is your halloween costume this year?

    myself yas so fun
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    Do you like going to the beach?

    dat toooooo truuu, beach >>>>>>>
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    Do you like going to the beach?

    yaaassss , i mean its the great excuse to get out of the house and enjoy some outdoors for like everydayyyyyyyyyyyyy , plus i lllloov myself some tannin u kno
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    Favorite planet that isn't Earth.

    neptune rules yall
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    Unpopular opinions of yours

    borderline is awsom
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    100% greek feta
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    Favorite Halloween movie for Halloween?

    face freeze, season 10, season 11 , yw
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    Do you laugh at episodes when watching on DVD or TV?

    yaa i do laugh i am a happy person yo