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    Fan Level

    Between 💛 and 🧡
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    Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

    I can finally see it.
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    Which Season is Better???

    The poll has the opposite question from the title, I chose wrong at first lol
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    Which Season is Better???

    Season 6 is better. Also the poll is confusing
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    I really liked it, though honestly I'd lack a clue on how to identify MarkerBob episodes
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    Why Do People Hate The Post-Movie Seasons So Much?

    I like Seasons 4 and 5, which is the general opinion in this community. Post-sequel is fine; it's usually never bad per se and I appreciate the references, though often times it lacks jokes and prefers exaggerated faces, as some have said.
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    2005 KCA Blimp Short

    Seems about right for Season 4 SpongeBob
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    I'm giving up the show after the 3rd movie

    That's completely fine. You don't need to feel forced to stay with SpongeBob though "I need to move on to more adult shows " does also sound forced (no offense)
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    An unknown animation shot from a commercial

    that season 4 artstyle is great
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    Are "ship teases" beneficial or detrimental to the show?

    It doesn't work with SpongeBob himself imo, but I'm fine with other characters
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    Chris Reccardi has passed away.

    I was not expecting this.
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    Should SpongeBob have its own "Channel Chasers" or "TV Knight" kind of episode?

    There's quite a few things SBSP hasn't touched, like a show crossover. Though I very much enjoyed Channel Chasers, I'm not sure all the outrageous parodies would work in SpongeBob.
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    Which half of SpongeBob seasons are better?

    People seem to say Season 3's later episodes were mediocre, but I found them good. I'd say Season 4's first half is better than its second.
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    Upcoming 2-part episode: "Escape from beneath Glove World"

    With how SpongeBob has little continuity, having a long-time location be changed permanently would be strange. Not to mention Glove Universe is from a less-than-stellar season (imo)