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    It's Been Ten Years Since A Pal For Gary Aired

    I'll have to respectfully disagree. Putting even quality aside, I think the tone of episodes have changed dramatically over the years, whether it's due to the animation, personalities, even background music, etc.
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    Season 4 and Season 7 don't have their own identity, they're just transitional seasons

    I agree with a lot of this. Early Season 4 episodes do a good job of capturing Season 3's feel. In contrast, the second half brought out SpongeBob's hyper side more and more, which came to define him in Season 6. I actually do agree about Good Neighbors. I don't know how to describe it but it...
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    Reddit uncovered a thread from 1999 about people basically just saying Spongebob is trash.

    "But I hate the new ones. They're getting worse and worse every time and I wish they'll take this show off the air. Not only did it show a homosexuality theme once or twice (i.e: When Patrick and Spongebob raised the clam) but it showed something I'll never forget...pantie raiding. What...
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    SpongeBob Music Thread

    Such a nostalgic one
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    Why have people lost interest in SpongeBob?

    The new episodes don't feel unique
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    Actual thanks for posting this, I wouldn't have looked into this that much!
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    Does SpongeBob SquarePants TRULY take place underwater?

    Sure, they're based on marine animals, but sometimes I forget it's underwater lol
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    What does the show represent to you?

    Childhood and adulthood
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    Spongebob Tropes

    Squidward gets obsessed with something SpongeBob is doing or doing well (Examples: The Paper, Idiot Box, Snowball Effect, Skill Crane)
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    Do you prefer SpongeBob's innocent sweet side OR his grown-up mature side?

    I kind of dislike SpongeBob in Doodle Dimension when compared to FrankenDoodle
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    Design changes in Spongebob

    I appreciate the FOAKP shoutout
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    Most Over-hated or overlooked episode?

    I legitimately agree
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    Why I have made the difficult decision to give up SpongeBob SquarePants after Season 12

    That's very understandable. I haven't seen much of Season 11 or 12, but that's just because I haven't gotten to them. But I watched a good portion of Birthday Blowout and while it had some nice touches, it wasn't very entertaining imo.
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    Most Over-hated or overlooked episode?

    Born to Be Wild
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    Fan Level

    Between 💛 and 🧡