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    SBM is trash

    SpaceBob InvaderPants sounded way too "out there", anyways.
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    Season 12 voice recording has started
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    Season 12 voice recording has started

    Yeah, I don't see it.
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    214b. Out of the Picture

    They're nitpicky. Which was my whole point, that I repeated twice. I don't want anything from him, because I already made my point clear, and valid, too. Sure. But I didn't say Squidward was _always_ the butt of a joke. Just that he was, in general. Just like in Squidville. He's still the butt...
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    214b. Out of the Picture

    The Squidward joke was in character, but it was still a blatant suicide joke. That's what make sense it dark. You EXPECT it from him. Considering what we've see no from Mr. Krabs before, especially pre-movie, Krabs trying to get Squidward out of the picture is in character, regardless. The noose...
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    214b. Out of the Picture

    Tell me how "not okay" you were with Squidward contemplating jumping from Patrick's hand to his death in MM&BBIV. Or that knight trying to stab himself in Dunces and Dragons. There's a reason I called you overly sensitive and nitpicky. By the way, you pointed out two episodes earlier that were...
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    What if SpongeBob had a story arc?

    If there was a story arch, then it'd be better to have episodes that can be standalone, but still connect to eachother somehow. Each episode doesn't need a "to be continued" to exist.
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    214a. Patrick's Coupon

    I don't get pgh214's complaints about the episode bringing in Spongebob, Krabs, and Squidward. Krabs and Squidward were brought in so Patrick could start being paranoid. And the plot was Patrick getting ice cream FOR Spongebob, obviously. Usually, when the episode doesn't focus on Spongebob, he...
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    214b. Out of the Picture

    Really? You're complaining about a hanging joke? Even though the show's made countless suicide jokes before? You're either overly sensitive or overly nitpicky. If it's played for laughs, it's a dark joke, by definition. Anywho, I liked this episode. I do wanna know how they got away with that...
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    213a. The Getaway

    Yeah, awkward. It'll probably not satisfy some fetishes.
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    213b. Lost and Found

    I didn't like the start of the episode, but the episode got good when SB got to the Lost and Found. Also, first Dani Michaeli episode in years.
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    worst OFFICIAL spongebob animation

    Pet or Pests. Worst animation. Worst episode. How?
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    Season 11 Images

    Probably because it was taken with a phone on a screen.
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    SBM is trash!

    Gravity Falls is a good example.