<p>Hello, SpongeBuddy community and fellow SpongeHeads!&nbsp; This is SBAddict128 speaking.&nbsp; I’m a federal government employee who is currently looking for new independent living arrangements.&nbsp; Come to think of independence, I’m an extremely individualistic person.&nbsp; So individualistic, in fact, that I consider myself the most important person I know (kinda like how Sandy often brags about her home state of Texas and her athletic and intellectual capabilities).&nbsp; I take a very serious approach to life because when someone’s being serious, I know I can trust what they say.&nbsp; I wouldn’t say I’m good-looking, but I do have a high level of intelligence, just like Sandy.&nbsp; I may seem like another relaxed, laidback kind of guy (which I am), but sometimes, there are things that make me mad, such as: lazy people who don’t do what they’re told, wacky antics, children (whom I am learning to deal with; my mom said this was a huge step up the maturity ladder), screwing something I want done perfectly up (I tend to value perfectionism, not to mention extreme precision when it comes to digital drawings and paintings) and people rubbing me the wrong.&nbsp; My family wants me to imprint a positive impression on society, but that’s harder for me than you might think.&nbsp; Some of my interests in terms of movies and TV include, but are not limited to: sitcoms, game shows, documentaries, action flicks, sci-fi, dramas, animation (especially the Western-style type), and competition shows.&nbsp; My musical palate has a wide variety of tastes.&nbsp; I particularly like alternative and rock, but I also enjoy hip-hop, R&amp;B, pop, and country.&nbsp; I’m especially into ‘90s alternative bands because I was born in that decade.&nbsp; I therefore consider myself a Millennial, and as far as I know, the vast majority of my generation, including me, prefers offensive content in music, movies, and TV shows.&nbsp; As far as my interest in sports go, I like the Washington Capitals of the NHL and the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL.&nbsp; I don’t actually do sports, but I would like to try a new one, not to mention develop an exercise routine.&nbsp; Those are two of 50 goals on my ultimate bucket list.&nbsp; Another one of those goals was to go see a movie by myself.&nbsp; That movie was a Disney movie called Zootopia.&nbsp; Do you know what I’ve noticed about Disney logos?&nbsp; They don’t have the TM symbol next to them!&nbsp; I think they should have that symbol accompanying them, like other logos I’ve seen these days.&nbsp; And guess what?&nbsp; SpongeBob’s logo is one of them!&nbsp; Now, if you want to know why I signed up for this fansite, I’ve been addicted to SpongeBob since around 23.&nbsp; This has especially been obvious since I conducted a little competition I called the “Tournament of Toons”.&nbsp; 128 cartoons were competing in it, including SpongeBob.&nbsp; I had made up various rules to judge these cartoons, and based on those criteria, I would award each cartoon a certain number of points depending on how it came close to my expectations.&nbsp; The further a cartoon advanced, the higher the point value became.&nbsp; Eventually, it came down to SpongeBob and T.U.F.F. Puppy, the former of which soaked up the competition and came out on top.&nbsp; Ever since then, I’ve been all about SpongeBob, day in and day out.</p>
Jan 28, 1993 (Age: 26)
Rockville, MD