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    Stephen Hillenburg Passes Away at 57

    May he rest in peace, the creative mastermind who is the only reason that this wonderful community is here today. Thanks for uniting so many of us, and making so many of our childhoods. We'll miss you, but we won't forget you, and your beautiful show will always be an eye opening reminder of the...
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    howdy! I have quite the same history as well.
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    What Songs Would You Like To See On The Soundtrack of Spongebob Movie 3

    Birthday boy by ween would be awesome.
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    Spongebob movie at SDCC 2018?

    Now that It's A Wonderful Sponge is entirely confirmed, does anyone think there's a chance we'll get some sort of something about the film this comic-con, like even a poster or teaser image at the least?
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    Dream Artists You'd Like to See in The Third Movie Album

    Yeah dude, boards of Canada would be awesome. But we need ween man. More ween is perfect, it is one of Hillenburg's favorite bands after all. Imagine the 3rd movie ends the series, and the show closes with Birthday Boy. That would be so emotional and amazing.
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    I make music now

    An utter bop.
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    Which characters should a 3rd movie revolve around?

    That's hard to say, but since it's quite possible the 3rd movie will be the finale of the show, then i would have to go with the classic buddy duo, old spongebob and Patrick, especially since there's been a surprising lack of that in recent episodes. Or if possible, every main character...
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    SBM turns into a teenager (13 years)

    Wow, I guess that means this amazing little site has been around since I was born, as I turn thirteen in a couple of days. Happy birthday, sbmania!
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    Hi guys! New Here!

    So i'm new to having an account, as far as posting anything. Ive' been a visitor of the website for quite a while now, since around 2014/2013 if I had to guess. It's always been my primary source of SpongeBob news and discussion. If anyone has any advice or anything cool like that to start off...