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    Shower Thoughts

    i think about spaghetti
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    Squidward Tentacles Discussion Thread

    squidward is one hot mama
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    Hi guys, new user here

    welcome i am puffy fluffy
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    Mothra Makes A Thread 2018

    hey it is me puffy fluffy
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    i drew some stuff to cheer myself up

    i like it!
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    i came up with a new dog breed

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    i came up with a new dog breed

    it is called a DRUM ROLL PLEASE............... a poodle doodle! yes people i know that it does not make sense but please bear with me! poodle doodles are known to be very good diggers which is a good thing when you want to hide that lottery money in the backyard. they are also excellent...
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    What's Your Mile Time?

    i may be 100 years old but i can run up to 90 miles in 1 minute
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    family guy!

    it. needs. more. ME.
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    my new rap song

    i shine bright i am afraid of the light i do not care about president squidward's hair my best friend is tom i met zimmy11's mom i went to walmart the other day i saw cakecup rolling around in my hay i got this song in your head todd phillips is under my bed these boots were made for...
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    "Serious" Spongebob Episodes

    a pal for gary
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    How do I close my account?

    you can not you stay here forever with me
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    Create your own Squidward Torture Episode (Revised Edition!)

    squidward meets puffy fluffy. puffy fluffy attacks squidward. squidward is dead.
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    KRAB vs. KRAB (memes)